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Libertarian Party of Texas: We are on the rise!

I recently saw an email from Students for Liberty entitled “The Rise of the Libertarians”. It caused me to think about the great things that are happening and the great opportunity we have in the “Launch 2014” campaign here in Texas.

Consider that we hired Lauren Daugherty as our new executive director to work with Heather Fazio and a group of volunteers and young interns. We have a new data infrastructure and website, thanks to several generous donors and the great work of Rob Lapham. We are filling up the ballot, with a special emphasis on filling all 36 US Congressional districts before the Dec 9 deadline. We have a long way to go in a short time, but we hope to get candidates filed as soon as possible. To prepare those candidates we have produced an outstanding candidate handbook. To prepare everyone for the conventions in March and April we completed our regional conferences. Here are some of the responses:

“I attended the North Texas conference, and it was even better than I expected. I’ve been in the nuts and bolts of politics many years, and I still learned lots of new stuff. And what can beat a day spent with other Liberty-minded folks!”

“The Conference was amazing. It is something I believe will help give the Texas LP the push we need to start winning major elections. The convention training alone was invaluable.”

“Texas has put together the most engaging, informative, and fun series of training conferences that I’ve seen. If you are able to, you should attend. Every state party should adopt this program.”

Speaking of conventions, our state convention April 11-13 in at the Mayborn Convention Center in Temple should be our biggest ever. This is the largest space we have ever had for a convention and we hope to fill it with a record turnout. It will be my final convention as state chair and I am pleased we have grown to the point where party leadership is contested at the convention. The convention will focus on the youth movement for liberty and will feature the founder of Students for Liberty, Alexander McCobin. Registration information will be forthcoming on our website, but for now please mark your calendars.

The most encouraging sign that we are on the rise is our results in elections. For many years, the number of voters affiliating with the Democratic and Republican parties has been shrinking. Our elections results in Texas since 2004 have been on the rise across the board. Until 2010 we never had a candidate get over a million votes in Texas. In 2012 we had 5 exceed a million votes. As dissatisfaction with Democrats and Republicans rises, so do our results. Consider in the most highly contested race in the recent general election, a Libertarian in Virginia got 6.5% of the vote despite being largely ignored by the media and outspent. Our numbers are going up.

I do not promise overnight success, but I do promise we are focused on winning elections. As a two time winner of city council elections, I know what it takes. It takes your support, financially and otherwise. It takes your assurance that we are doing things the right way, ethically and legally. Back in 2006 a Democrat lawyer in Austin filed 200 complaints against our filings with the Texas Ethics Commission. The vast majority of them were dismissed and we settled on a very few minor technicalities. We have not had any complaints filed since. We know that there are people reading this letter that donate to some Republicans or Democrats, but be assured that your donations help support the principles of the Libertarian Party of Texas. Those principles are not for sale, and they are the right principles.

We are on the rise, and with your support the “Launch 2014” campaign will rise faster. I ask for your support to fill the ballot, attend our state convention, and donate to the Libertarian Party of Texas.

Pat Dixon
Chair, Libertarian Party of Texas