Proposal for a New IPR Header

ipr logoThe above is my proposal for replacing the current IPR header.  Nearly every third party we cover here is represented in it.

I presented this to Warren a few weeks ago and he asked me to post it here to obtain reader input on the proposal.

What say you?

58 thoughts on “Proposal for a New IPR Header

  1. paulie

    What about independents?

    Also, I’m guessing more people (outside of IPR regulars and very few others) know the faces in the current banner than the party logos.

    That being said, I think it looks cleaner and more visually appealing than the current one.

  2. William Saturn Post author

    I don’t know how Independents can be represented graphically. I am hoping the word “Independent” is enough to represent them.

  3. William Saturn Post author

    I can envision a line of smaller faces below, which are smaller and more inclusive than the current.

  4. Dave Terry

    Is “Liberty” left handed? I notice that in both representations of her; one holding the torch and the other holding the scale she is holding them in her right hand. This would mean that she would have to hold her weapon in her left hand. :>)

    Personally, I’d like to see an M-15 strapped on her shoulder

  5. paulie

    I accidentally read Dave Terry’s comment. As usual, it made no sense whatsoever, literally. Reminds me of why I usually don’t read his comments and why you shouldn’t either.

    The more I think about it, the more I think it would really be a good idea to have embedded videos in the header, if it is technically feasible. Anyone know if it is?

    WTF, have a video:

  6. Jed Ziggler

    Not sure about the plane representing the AFP, as their new logo seems to be the liberty bell. I still love it though.

  7. Dave Terry

    William Saturn wrote: “The plane represents the American Freedom Party.

    It’s camouflaged. Actually, their plane is a Mig 29 :>)

  8. Dave Terry

    Funny! Porky couldn’t understand my post (what’s new) but he responded accordingly. ha ha.

    You’re STILL light TWO videos, duffus.

  9. Jed Ziggler

    A criticism, if I may: make the right hand in the handshake black, as in the Socialist Party USA logo. Cheers. 🙂

  10. William Saturn Post author

    That’s a good idea. I have some others that I’d like to throw out there:

    -Mount Rushmore with the stone photos of Perot, Nader, Paul, Ventura

    -Faded photos of the figures in the background

  11. Jed Ziggler

    There’s some white space between the Prohibition Party & Justice Party logos, the IAP logo could be added in there, though invariably some parties will be left off.

  12. Cody Quirk

    Well I think the parties with ballot access should be given main priority, and we’re in that category.

  13. Jed Ziggler

    As do I. Perhaps a couple minor tweaks as have been suggested. I don’t like the idea of adding faces or stuff in the big white space. The appeal of this one right now is that it’s inclusive, without being too busy. Much more up there will be too busy.

  14. Jed Ziggler

    Just thought of the perfect way to incorporate the IAP logo, the waiving 13 stars American flag: off the end of the l in political, like it’s a flagpole. Maybe add the SWP fist or something in after the camel. Should be about perfect.

  15. Starchild

    Not bad! It is a bit “busy” as Matt remarks, but I vastly prefer it to the current header. It has the distinct advantage of focusing on different parties (and thus, implicitly, on *ideas*) rather than on big-name leaders (personalities).

    It could possibly be improved by giving it some depth of perspective, for instance by depicting the words in block letters coming out at the reader (perhaps stacked in three tiers as in this example — ) and the various logos sitting atop the words and likewise realized as three-dimensional objects, but this would take someone with more artistic ability than I have.

    Here’s another completely different idea — likewise a job for a real artist and far too content-heavy to work as a small logo, but perhaps suitable for a large front-page banner.

    Imagine a medieval dining hall. A fat, richly dressed donkey and elephant are sitting side by side and digging into a feast spread out on a long table before them — a large suckling pig covered in gravy, apple in its mouth, elegant dishes, wine goblets, etc. They are using a crumpled-up Constitution and Bill of Rights for napkins, and being waited on by an old, tired, and meek-looking Uncle Sam wearing a fool’s cap.

    But they are both looking somewhat startled and fearful as they nervously eye a long, wicked-looking arrow that someone obviously just shot into the dining hall through a broken window, and which has embedded itself in the wall or a chair or something at the end of the table. Trailing from the still-quivering arrow flutters a long scroll reading “Independent Political Report”.

    If the artist wants to go all-out on detail, some or all of the following elements could be added to the scene: A big wooden barrel in a corner labeled “PORK”; a tattered American flag hanging forlornly overhead; a large gravy boat overflowing with gravy; pieces of broken glass from the window on the table; faded paintings in ornate gilded frames of a couple of the Founders on the wall (who if one looks closely can be seen wearing subtle expressions of approval at the development); several empty suits of armor standing around the hall bearing shields bearing insignia such as “Pentagon”, “Homeland Security”, and “NSA” (this one has a pair of eyes looking out of the helmet’s visor).

  16. Peter Gemma

    Adding Mt. Rushmore, videos – maybe pix of the White House and the Golden Gate Bridge etc etc will make an already busy design look cheesy …designed by a bureaucratic committee. My first choice is having something classy and modern like Ballot Access News, or what’s been proposed originally, encompassing most 3rd parties logos. We can do Google searches for every 3rd party in the country – past and present – and include their logos, but I think there should be some criteria: running presidential candidates in two of the most recent 3 elections, ballot access in 3 or more states etc.

  17. Jed Ziggler

    The way it is now works though. The scales of justice being the dots on the “i”s, the “p” & “o”s being party logos, the AFP plane pulling the PSL banner, etc. I’d be okay with a few minor tweaks, but adding too much more will ruin it. Without a doubt, this should be the new IPR logo. I can’t stop looking at it. It’s beautiful.

  18. matt cholko

    I think that removing the art below the text would be a good idea. I don’t think it adds anything of value. It just serves to make the header more busy looking.

  19. William Saturn Post author

    The art below the text represents the Marijuana Party, the American Party, and the Socialist Party USA

  20. Jill Pyeatt

    Visually, I think it needs that band of artwork across the bottom to unify the piece. I like it.

  21. Ken Moellman

    I like the logo. I think it is aesthetically pleasing. However, I would suggest that a more generic version might be good, just because there are over 100 “minor” parties out there and there’s just no way to represent all of them. What happens when other “minor” parties pop up and win something? What’s the logo for the Modern Whig Party? They actually won something recently. Do you change the logo again and again? IMO – just make it something simple. I’m sure a good bit of work went into the logo, and I’m sorry for having to make this suggestion.

  22. William Saturn Post author

    The Modern Whig Party’s owl is included. I’ve tried to include only National Parties. I don’t anticipate any change will be substantial in the next few years. The Marijuana Party, American Freedom Party and the Justice Party are the only ones represented up there that don’t seem firmly established or have not made much of an impact on third party politics. Their logos (and others) can easily be replaced as needed.

  23. Jed Ziggler

    William, the Grassroots Party is active again so the pot leaves can work for either or both.

  24. Jed Ziggler

    Not on there, just like the logos of America’s Party, Independence Party, Working Families Party, Objectivist Party, etc. Those are also ballot-qualified parties. But it looks good, we’re keeping it.

  25. Cody Quirk

    So you’re not going to make any changes? You guys are seriously going to snub several of the third parties with ballot access and include a bunch of ones with no ballot access anywhere?

  26. Jed Ziggler

    William Saturn made the image, and I doubt his intention was to “snub” anybody. His intention was to make an aesthetically pleasing image that incorporates a number of third parties. He succeeded. IPR regularly reports on IAP candidates and activities, as well as many other parties not represented in our logo. It’s just a logo. It looks good. We like it very much.

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