Libertarians File to Run for Office in Texas

The deadline to file to run for office in Texas has passed, and Libertarians have filed for all statewide, U.S. House, and State Senate races.

Of note: for U.S. Senate it appears two candidates filed, Jon Roland who we reported on earlier, and someone named Tanuja Paruchuri. Here is her personal Twitter page:

For Governor, 6 Libertarians filed, including Kathie Glass & Lee Wrights.

For U.S. House, it appears a number of Libertarians will run in two-way races. Among them:

District 3: Libertarian Cecil Ince will face a Republican.

District 4: Libertarian J.P. Raley will face a Republican.

District 5: Libertarian Ken Ashby will face Republican incumbent Jeb Hensarling

District 8: Libertarian Russ Jones will face a Republican

District 9: Libertarian Johnny Johnson will face Democratic incumbent Al Green

District 11: Libertarian Ryn Lange will face a Republican

District 16: Libertarian Jaime Perez will face Democratic incumbent Beto O’Rourke

District 20: Libertarian Mike Idrogo will face Democratic incumbent Joaquin Castro

District 26: Libertarian Mark Boler will face a Republican

District 28: Libertarian Will Aikens will face Democratic incumbent Henry Cuellar

District 29: Libertarian James Stanczak will face Democratic incumbent Gene Green

District 30: Libertarian Max Koch will face a Democrat

District 33: Libertarian Jason Reeves will face a Democrat

Also of note, in District 21 no Democrat filed, but 3 Republican, 3 Libertarians, and Independent Philip Tottenham filed.

My source: The Green Papers

4 thoughts on “Libertarians File to Run for Office in Texas

  1. Shane

    Great to see Kathy Glass running again. She is a well spoken and affable attorney who always makes a strong candidate.

  2. Ed Rankin

    I’ve filed to run against GOP candidates Pete Sessions, Katrina Pierson and Democrat Frank Perez.

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