Ben Swann Interviews Rejected Ohio Libertarian Governor Candidate Charlie Earl

Charlie Earl

March 9, 2014

The Libertarian Party of Ohio filed a federal lawsuit on March 8, 2014 regarding the rejection of Charlie Earl as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor. It appears the Secretary of State Jon Husted searched and found yet another reason to keep Libertarians off the ballot by ruling that signed petitions were not valid because the petitioner neglected to fill in the name of his employer.

The action also rejected Steven Linnabury as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for Attorney General.

IPR covered this last week in this article .

Ben Swann had an opportunity to interview Mr. Earl.

Earl: “What we are asking for is the right to be able to use our first amendment rights to be able to select our own candidates”

: “Are you asking for a ruling or an injunction?”

: “A ruling. We already have an injunction in that legislation that you talked about. This would be a ruling tied into that injunction, ok. In other words he would rule that this is an extension of an attempt to keep us off the ballot.”

Swann: “So you’re compiling all of these things together and saying this is not an isolated incident, rather there is a pattern of behavior over the past few months to try to keep the Libertarian Party off the ballot?”

Earl: “Precisely. And as a former Republican and as a citizen of Ohio, I was born and raised here, it’s not that, its just limiting choice for the people of Ohio. Whether its Libertarian or Green or anybody else for that matter I think they should have the choice of choosing someone. Keep in mind, 50% of the voters in Ohio are unaffiliated. They don’t belong to a party because they are fed up with what these two old parties are doing to them and they would like to have an option and an opportunity to go another direction.”

So why is the Republican Party so desperate to stop Libertarians from being on the ballot? Governor Kasich has embraced a number of issues that have angered conservative and Tea Party voters across the state including a massive Medicaid expansion, lack of transparency in his public/private Jobs Ohio board and most recently, the Governor’s support of Common Core.

Meanwhile, the Libertarian Party is growing in Ohio. In the 2010 election when Kasich defeated then Governor Ted Strickland, Kasich only won by a 2% margin, 49% to 47%. At that time the Libertarians took about 2% of the vote. This time around, the Libertarian Party could take anywhere from 5% to 10% of the vote and could not only cause Kasich to lose his place in the Governor’s mansion but would harm any possible hopes for a future Presidential run.

According to Earl, “I served with John 30 years ago, he was a Senator and I was a House member. He’s a decent fellow but he’s just become a part of government. He’s embracing government, he’s having an affair with government. They are trying to protect him. They also see him as a possible Presidential contender.” says Earl. “They are hoping people will fall by the wayside and John can sneak in there but they can’t do that if he gets only 40% or 45% or 51%, they need an overwhelming victory.”

Video and original article can be found here .

More history of the shenanigans by the state of Ohio toward third parties can be found
and by putting “Ohio Libertarian” in the search box.

12 thoughts on “Ben Swann Interviews Rejected Ohio Libertarian Governor Candidate Charlie Earl

  1. Andy

    Ben Swann ought to be booked as a speaker at a Libertarian Party convention. He is also somebody who would make a great candidate for office some day, if he ever wants to run for office.

  2. Andy

    “Nicholas Sarwark March 10, 2014 at 3:02 pm
    FYI, Mr. Swann is booked as a speaker at the Libertarian Party of Colorado convention being held March 28-30 in Golden, CO.”

    Cool! If you get a chance to talk to him, ask him if he considers himself to be a small “l” libertarian, and ask him if he’d join the Libertarian Party.

    I think that Ben Swann is a libertarian, but I don’t recall hearing him call himself a libertarian.

    Ben Swann is one of the best news journalist in the country right now.

  3. Dave Terry

    Secretary of State Jon Husted desperately needs a 9mm injunction in his forehead!

    Earl on the other hand, is a piss-poor judge of character. As were many of the “acquaintances
    of Herr Adolf Hitler when he was a young man. The official petition forms for the state of Ohio
    CLEARLY state that::

    Signatures on this petition must be from only one county and must be written in ink.
    <and requires "ONLY" the following information;



  4. Richard Winger

    The petition linked above is an independent candidate petition, not a primary candidate petition. The back of that independent candidate petition asks for the circulator’s employer but it is ambiguous whether a self-employed person should show anything, and it is also ambiguous whether the penalty for failing to fill in the blank is to have the candidate removed from the ballot. The hearing officer who removed the candidates responded to the point that past Directives from the Secretary of State say filling out the blank is fatal. The hearing officer said those were just directives relating to particular petitions of the past and that they “expired”, which I consider a very weak argument. Anyone can read the 18-page report of the hearing officer removing the candidates by going to and reading the post about today’s State Supreme Court filing. There is a link inside the post to the 18-page report of Brad Smith, the hearing officer.

  5. Nicholas Sarwark

    “Interesting” is an interesting choice of words for that article.

    Shorter Lofti: If Libertarians were really principled, they wouldn’t try to get the Feds to stop the Ohio Republicans from fucking them, they’d just accept getting fucked, because Federalism or some such.

  6. Andy

    Here is an exert from the Ohio State Constitution:

    Ҥ 15.07 Oath of officers
    [ View Article Table of Contents ]

    Every person chosen or appointed to any office under this state, before entering upon the discharge of its duties, shall take an oath or affirmation, to support the Constitution of the United States, and of this state, and also an oath of office. ”

    It sounds to me like these government officials in Ohio who are keeping these Libertarian Party candidates are violating their oath of office.

  7. paulie


    You apparently mean excerpt, from context. Exert is a different word with a different pronunciation and different meaning. I take it this is not a typo since you frequently write exert when you appear to mean excerpt. I wouldn’t point it out if it was a typo, since I often make those.

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