Liberty for America March 2014 edition released

George Phillies

Liberty for America is a monthly newsletter published by Massachusetts Libertarian Party activist George Phillies. It deals with news and views pertaining to the LP. It is now online at:

Some stories include:

* Coverage of recent Libertarian National Committee (LNC) meeting

* Editorials by Rodger Paxton, R. Lee Wrights and Phillies

* Controversy surrounding a radio interview with LNC executive director Wes Benedict 

* Analysis of Gary Johnson campaign and LNC spending 

* A critique by LNC chair Geoff Neale of LNC representative Brett Pojunis

and more.

10 thoughts on “Liberty for America March 2014 edition released

  1. George Phillies

    You are most welcome.

    We are Libertarians
    For Liberty!
    Three Unspeakable Words
    Do You Need a Lot of Money to Run?
    LNC Meets
    LNC Issues DisasterGram
    Floridians Object to Benedict Radio Interview
    Where Your Money Went
    Libertarian National Committee
    Audit Committee Finishes 2012
    Johnson August 2012 Spending

  2. Stewart Flood

    I did not “assert” that Ms Howell assisted Mr Cloud. I raised the question, several times, about the need to look into what went on and if anyone assisted him. It was a question, not a statement. I was — and still am — very concerned about the entire situation. But other than being concerned, I have no direct knowledge of any of the events.

    Others, including “official sources”, reported (as posted on IPR) that he may have been dictating work to her over the phone and having her enter the text.

    It wasn’t me, but now everyone who reads your newsletter will think it was. At the least, you need to put a correction in the newsletter and repost it — showing that it has been corrected.

    You should really verify things like that before publishing.

  3. paulie

    Others, including “official sources”, reported (as posted on IPR) that he may have been dictating work to her over the phone and having her enter the text.

    That is what we have been told, yes. I believe I relayed that to IPR, but there may have been others.

  4. Jill Pyeatt

    I read that too, Stewart, but I don’t know why people will think it was you who said it. I’m certain I read it somewhere besides IPR, which means in was in the audit report or some discussion of it on threads related to the topic on an email list or two. As a matter of face, I remember expressing doubt that anyone really does things that way and was told that yes, Cloud does do that.

  5. George Phillies

    Here is what we said:

    “The coverage on Independent Political Report has former LNC member Stewart Flood asserting that Howell assisted LNC member Michael Cloud — who was not at the meeting — in relieving the LNC of over $30,000 for services rendered, as covered here in past issues.”

    Here is what IPR has Flood saying. Of course, it could be someone pretending to be Flood, but:

    Stewart Flood March 1, 2014 at 11:36 am
    The only “budgeted” items that you are forced to pay at the anticipated levels are payroll (unless you sack people), rent, electricity, etc. Just about everything else can be changed downward. How about getting back some of that stolen $30k+ that Mr Cloud (who is conveniently absent) took?

    Stewart Flood March 1, 2014 at 11:38 am
    I think that they are going after her because they can’t get the real thief, who she helped (intentionally or otherwise) to get at our treasury.

    The accomplice often takes the rap while the “big cheese” gets away…

    Stewart Flood March 1, 2014 at 1:46 pm
    Ahhh…correction…he just wanted to “repopulate it”. For what reason? It, like most committees, rarely do anything.

    Obviously the APRC does things (or doesn’t do things…since their most common action is to not act…which makes sense if you read what their mission is).

    The awards committee does stuff. Amazing thing…we give out lots of awards…guess that’s a good thing…except it might be better to actually spend more time doing things…

    The IT committee did stuff when we created it. I don’t see any evidence that this term’s committee has done what they were chartered to do.

    Guess this term just wants to talk about doing things while members (plural) make off with the *cash.

    * note that one member made off with the cash while another was forced to return what he had absconded.”

    I don’t believe “I think that they are going after her because they can’t get the real thief, who she helped (intentionally or otherwise) to get at our treasury.” is a question.

  6. Stewart Flood

    I said intentionally or otherwise. The otherwise was referring to the report by others that he had dictated to her over the phone. Had I been “asserting” wrong-doing on her part I would not have included “or otherwise.”

    You had no reason to single me out and include my name in your article. I am not on the LNC and I am not involved in any of the scandals going on. I am simply one of the very upset contributors who want to know why Mr Cloud was used as a paid consultant after stating he was volunteering his time.

    Using comments from IPR and including them out of context is improper.

    I have made my last post on this site.

  7. paulie

    I appreciate both George and Stewart’s contributions of time and money to the cause.

    There are many things we all don’t agree on, but they are dedicated workers for liberty and both have helped in many ways over the years.

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