Pirate Party Running Francis Klein for Governor of Wisconsin

According to this article by Jack Craver, The Pirate Party is running at least two candidates for office in Wisconsin, including a gubernatorial candidate. An excerpt:

“It would be an ideal if I won the election, however, I will readily concede that that is not likely,” says Francis Klein, candidate for governor of Wisconsin.

Long-shot candidates rarely speak so honestly about their chances of winning. But candor is not the only characteristic that sets the 20-year-old UW-Madison astrophysics major apart from most politicians.

He is a Pirate. Meaning, of course, that he is a member of the Pirate Party. So is his dad, Joe, who is running for an open Assembly district on the east side of Milwaukee.

The Pirate Party is an international political movement focused largely on the reform of copyright and patent laws, support for net neutrality, the protection of civil liberties and transparency in government. It was first established eight years ago in Sweden and has since spread to other countries. The party has elected members to the parliaments of Sweden, Iceland, the Czech Republic and the European Union.

“We were both just interested in the ideas and the political ideals that the Pirate Party held,” explains Francis. “Why not create one here in Wisconsin?”

They therefore created the Wisconsin Pirate Party Cooperative, which is registered with the Government Accountability Board as the Wisconsin Pirate Party. Francis is the treasurer and almost all of the $2,533 the party has raised comes from Joe.

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