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J.L. Mealer on Education for Arizona


Recently, the term differentiated instruction [NCAC] was brought to my attention by a very qualified *dual Ph.D grossly underpaid teacher in my local district. She’s a rancher and one of the “real people” the TV interviewers rarely pick up in regards to education discussions. I realized that she was handing me the very discussion I was trying to explain. Arizona is diverse, our children learn at different rates. This must be accounted for with all teacher-student based programs and in when a teaching success bonus is considered. We should cater to every student’s strengths and interests, and get them hooked on the learning and quite possibly help them develop new strengths and skills which allow for a better retention of knowledge. This should not be a political position — just good teaching practices.

You should take the time to download and learn about Differentiated Instruction and why Arizona must resort to actually teaching our students versus just throwing a pile of jumbled numbers, letters and “below college, yet not quite out of 10th grade” skills at them like we do today via Common Core.


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