Massachusetts Green Party Completes Statewide Petition

From Ballot Access News:

The Massachusetts petition deadline for independent candidates, and the nominees of unqualified parties, for U.S. House and statewide office was July 29. The only unqualified parties that submitted petitions in Massachusetts for statewide office this year are the United Independent Party (which is running for Governor and Lieutenant Governor) and the Green Party (which is running for Secretary of the Commonwealth, Treasurer, and Auditor).

The Green slate submitted 4,700 signatures that have already been validated by town clerks, and another 3,000 signatures that are about to be checked. For the offices the Green Party is running for, 5,000 signatures are needed, so the drive is extremely likely to succeed. The United Independent Party, which needed 10,000 to run for Governor, earlier submitted more than 10,000 verified signatures.

A group that polls at least 3% for any statewide office then gains qualified party status, and will automatically on the 2016 ballot. Unfortunately, qualified parties also face very difficult petitions for their members to get on their own party’s primary ballot, but at least qualified parties are automatically on the ballot for president, and also their candidates for president have very easy access to their own party’s presidential primary ballot. Also, qualified parties are listed on the voter registration form. Voters can also register into unqualified parties, but an applicant must write-in the name of an unqualified party on the voter registration form to register into it.

2 thoughts on “Massachusetts Green Party Completes Statewide Petition

  1. George Phillies

    The pretty-picture link appears to be correct, as opposed to the headline or article body. The Massachusetts *Green-Rainbow* party was the one that submitted the signatures for “Danny Factor of Acton for Secretary of the Commonwealth, Ian Jackson of Arlington for State Treasurer, and MK Merelice of Brookline for State Auditor. ” See their web pages. The Massachusetts *Green* party, which is a different political designation that does not seem to have its own web page, does not always run candidates.

  2. Jed Ziggler Post author

    The Green-Rainbow Party is the official Green Party affiliate in Massachusetts. I’m unaware of anybody running for any office in Massachusetts with just Green beside their name, unless it was before the merger.

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