New York Gubernatorial Poll

Howie Hawkins

From Ballot Access News:

On August 5, an NBC 4 NY/Wall Street Journal/Marist Poll was released for the New York gubernatorial race. The results: Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo 54%; Republican Rob Astorino 23%; Green Party nominee Howie Hawkins 7%; other 1%; undecided 16%. See here for more detail, including a breakdown by party affiliation.

The last time the nominee of a nationally-organized party, other than the Democratic and Republican Parties, received as much as 7% for New York Governor was 1998, when the Reform Party (which was the Independence Party within New York at the time) polled 7.69% for Thomas Golisano. Although the Independence Party did even better in 2002, by then it wasn’t part of a nationally-organized party.

As far as is known, the only other candidate who is petitioning for a place on the November 2014 ballot is Michael McDermott, the Libertarian nominee. Thanks to Michael for the link.

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