Kevin Knedler of LP Ohio: Public Support of Political Conventions is a Free Speech Issue

Kevin Knedler

This opinion piece was posted today in .

Kevin Knedler has been the chairman of the Libertarian Party of Ohio since 2007. He is currently running for Secretary of State of that state.

Amid the hoopla surrounding the announcement that the Republican Party will bring its 2016 convention to Cleveland, it’s been forgotten that Ohio just hosted a national political convention. The Libertarian Party, America’s third-largest political party, brought its 2014 convention to Columbus in June. Attendees numbered in the hundreds, a far cry from the estimated 50,000, including media, that the GOP are expected to bring to Cleveland.

There’s one other difference. Every penny spent on the Libertarian convention came from the pockets of Libertarians, with an assist from private businesses that paid for space in the vendors’ area. No tax money was spent directly on this convention, even though Columbus benefited from tens of thousands of dollars worth of additional economic activity.

In March, President Obama signed a bill ending the direct federal aid that gave each of the old parties about $18.2 million for their 2012 conventions. But that doesn’t end the gravy train of tax money. A July 16 article on notes that Cleveland City Council voted to donate $2.5 million to help cover the costs of the GOP’s visit. The city is also “guaranteeing the possible use of city-owned facilities including FirstEnergy Stadium, Public Square, Malls A B and C, public areas of City Hall, Public Hall and a couple of city-owned parking garages,” a multi-million dollar value. Cleveland will also apply for a $50 million federal grant to cover security costs.

Libertarians think this kind of largess to the establishment political parties is just wrong.

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14 thoughts on “Kevin Knedler of LP Ohio: Public Support of Political Conventions is a Free Speech Issue

  1. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    LOL, yes I know. I was told by the person who sent me the article it was the publication’s fault. I waited for half a day to post it, hoping the misspelling would be corrected. It still hasn’t been.

  2. Starchild

    Yes, it’s a solid piece exposing the kind of political corruption by the two-party establishment cartel that the public can readily understand.

    I’m sure Democrats in Cleveland will be overjoyed to learn that “their” city council gave $2.5 million of their tax money to subsidize the Republican Party.

  3. Bondurant

    Jill – Not shocked. My local paper, The Arizona Republic, is notorious for online spelling and grammar gaffes. Sometimes its fun just to hunt for the errors. I suspect isn’t run by the brightest bunch of folks.

    An edit was made 5 minutes after the article was posted but “speach” still stayed.

  4. paulie

    Regarding links in my last comment (I’ll try to post them as an article later if no one else here does so first) Richard Winger writes

    On August 31, the Ohio Libertarian Party filed this brief in Libertarian Party of Ohio v Husted, southern district, 2:13cv-953. It summarizes the most significant findings from the party’s discovery conducted over the last month, discovery which reveals that the hearing officer who removed the party’s gubernatorial candidate from the party’s primary ballot had originally ruled in favor of keeping the candidate on the primary ballot.

    The brief also shows that the hearing officer was simultaneously acting as an attorney for the Ohio Attorney General. It also reveals that the man who paid the attorney for the individual who challenged the party’s primary petition is a civil servant for the state. His annual salary is $70,000 and he has no other significant income. Yet, he paid over $100,000 to the attorneys for the challenger. Even if you don’t normally read legal briefs, consider reading this one; it is only 19 pages.

  5. Andy

    A disturbing percentage of Democrats and Republicans are so brain-dead that they will continue supporting Democrats or Republicans no matter how blatantly obvious their corruption is.

  6. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I considered making one article for both Mr. Knedler’s article and the one you’re quoting from, Paulie, but I thought that they each were important enough to stand on their own. I’ll try to get the second Ohio piece posted today, if no one gets to it first.

  7. Bondurant

    Yesterday I filled out the contact form at and reported the misspelling of “speech”. I received the following reply:

    I will be out of the office Monday 8/25 and returning on Wednesday 9/3. I will be periodically checking emails.

    The editor is on vacation. However, the spelling gaffe was fixed and “speech” appears correctly spelled now.

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