UK Independence Party Leader talks taking back control

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) might right now be the world’s most electorally successful libertarian-leaning party. I speak to its chairman on how they’ve done this.

Every American liberty activist needs to listen to this. The chairman of Nigel Farage’s party tells us how it’s done. And I am delighted to say that he explains what I’ve been trying to explain to the movement of the USA for years.

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h/t Voices of Liberty

24 thoughts on “UK Independence Party Leader talks taking back control

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    Welcome to our new writer! I do think I know you, Wiseburn, or at least I met you once. 🙂

  2. paulie

    Not sure if UKIP qualifies as an alt party any more. By many measures they are a major party in the UK now.

    I agree with Jed about that policy of theirs along with quite a few others I really do not care for.

    Also, why are they a new category all of a sudden? In the past we have always discussed carefully about adding any new categories, and we have done other posts about the UKIP before without creating a category for them. I’m hesitant to ask since Wiseburn is one of the owners, so he could just tell me to fuck off.

    Last question: is there still a rule to include an image with each post? At one point Warren told me to do that and I have been following it since. Did that rule go away?

  3. Jill Pyeatt

    I think posting photos or a graphic with each article is effective, although I still forget once in a while.

  4. paulie

    I must have skimmed it too fast. Didn’t realize there was an interview in there. Probably should go back and take more than three seconds to read the article before opining further 🙂

  5. paulie

    Reason why I don’t like adding extra categories as opposed to tags is you have to scroll through them all when classifying a post. Also, it makes it inconsistent with past posts. I am still not even close to done with reclassifying old posts into the Liberty/Free Market parties category which did not exist when IPR started. It was then part of non-left right. And the original rule for years was to never add categories, which I would have preferred to have kept that rule.

  6. Wiseburn Post author

    Yes Jill, We’ve met.

    While UKIP may now be a major party, they still claim to be independent, So I thought it would be good to repost here.

    I can delete the category if desired and add a tag. UKIP is near the end of the list.

    I won’t argue whether they’re libertarian like, I repeated the comment from the VOL post.

    Complaints welcome.


  7. paulie

    Thanks, that’s better. Personally I would classify it under right wing minor parties, but unclassified may be correct, given that the “minor” part of that may no longer be accuate. As for them claiming to be independent, independent of what exactly? As far as I know, only of the European Union.

  8. NewFederalist

    I believe that is their intent… to remain independent of any evolving European nation-state. I believe they have said in the past that Europe is a continent but not a country.

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