2015 Libertarian Party of Alabama Update

Email blast from the Libertarian Party of Alabama:

This is truly a great time to be a Libertarian as more of our solutions to social and economic problems are becoming mainstream ideas. Already this year I’ve seen news of potential legislation on prison reform, school choice, implementing a lottery, expanding legalized gambling, ballot access law reform, and, most alarmingly, talk of more taxes to stabilize the General Fund. Estimates now range a shortfall of $265-700 million for the 2016 General Fund. The State Legislature does not convene until March 3, 2015 which allows us some limited time to educate, organize, and motivate our fellow Libertarians. To move public policy in a more Libertarian direction, we must provide our membership with the tools to effectively implement change and elect more Libertarian leaders.

Ballot Access Plan

To elect Libertarian leaders, we must continue to fight the two party system that continues their efforts to prevent competition in elections. As we enter 2015 our plan involves several petition drives over the next several years while we continue to lobby for a reduction in required signatures and a lower ballot retention threshold. The first petition drive will occur now through the primary election date of March 8, 2016 by collecting petitions similar to the one enclosed. For this drive we have elected to focus our efforts on obtaining county level ballot access allowing the Libertarian Party to run candidates for elected county level positions like we accomplished in 2014. Copies of the petition are available for downloading at http://www.LPAlabama.org/#ballot.

2015 Membership

One of the steps to increasing our reach is growing our paid membership: my goal is to increase membership by 50% in the coming year. Each membership provides us with additional tools to conduct outreach and bring the message of Liberty to discontented voters at public events, reaching a myriad of potential volunteers. But we can’t do any of this without YOU! Will you contribute today to ensure our volunteers have the best resources to accomplish our plans?

To jumpstart our 2015 activities I’m asking you to give generously – if possible, double your normal contribution to the party this year. If you usually donate the minimum membership fee of $25, send us a check for $50 this year. If you have contributed $100 in the past, I challenge you to make a $200 donation! There are two (2) ways to pay your membership 1). Visit our website at http://www.LPAlabama.org/donate.html and click our PayPal donate icon or 2). Send your check/ money order payable to:

Libertarian Party of Alabama
5529 First Avenue, South #10
Birmingham, Alabama 35212
(Please include your physical/mailing addresses, phone number(s), and email address)

Other 2015 Goals

We’re focusing on building county affiliates to support local candidates with new county chairs, volunteers, and activists. Additionally, I would like to develop the Libertarian Party of Alabama’s social media presence. Be sure to Friend us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/LPAlabama), follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/ALibertarians) and check our website to keep up with our progress, discussions and events.

A robust party with more volunteers, stronger county affiliates, and a larger donor base will make future elections winnable.

Live Free,

Leigh LaChine

Libertarian Party of Alabama


P.S. Remember that each petition signature sent in by our membership saves us precious resources by not having to hire professional petitioners to collect the signatures. http://www.LPAlabama.org/#ballot

P.P.S We want to see you at our next event! Come out to a dinner, join us at the Alabama State convention, visit the LPA at one of our public events or attend the Executive Committee meeting! If you are interested in hosting an event in your area or have an idea for the LPA to organize please let us know Leigh.LaChine@LPAlabama.org

4 thoughts on “2015 Libertarian Party of Alabama Update

  1. paulie

    via Joshua Cassity

    “SB221 will be in Committee this Wednesday, Mar 18, at 11:00AM. I will be in attendance. Anybody want to join me? ” Tal Kelley

  2. Seymour Results

    P.S. Remember that each petition signature sent in by our membership saves us precious resources by not having to hire professional petitioners to collect the signatures. This allows us to remain seated behind out computer screens, in our comfort zone, so that we never need venture forth into our communities to play politics, or talk to anyone who isn’t already a libertarian. That’s our comfort zone: failure. We’ve been in it for 40 years, and we have no intention of paying to complete political work that results in political success. We hate talking to ‘the masses’ and we also hate paying people to talk to them. That’s politics, and politics is ‘icky,’ as are political workers, whom we not-so-secretly despise. We’d prefer to wait for the knock on the door that comes in the middle of the night.”

  3. paulie

    LOL, no. Asking your membership to sign the petition themselves is part of what parties trying to get on the ballot are supposed to do, especially when we don’t nearly have the resources to get all the signatures we need.

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