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Arizona Secretary of State Tallies Green Party Registration for the First Time since October 2013

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The Arizona Secretary of State has posted this January 1, 2015 registration data. The data shows that the Green Party has 5,051 registrants. This is the first Green registration tally in Arizona since the October 1, 2013 tally, when the Greens had 5,601 registrants. The state had stopped releasing Green registration data because the party had gone off the ballot, but elections officials did acknowledge that many registered voters continued to be Green registrants. By contrast, some states forcibly convert minor party registrants into independent voters when the party goes off the ballot, without even asking the voter. States that do this are Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Nebraska, North Carolina, and Oklahoma (when a party goes off the ballot in Oklahoma, all its members are converted to independents, but then they are permitted to re-register back into that same party, a policy that is senseless).

The new tally also shows that the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have each lost registrations since the November 2014 tally, but the Libertarian and Americans Elect totals, and the number of independent voters, have increased since November 2014. The link shows not only current data, but data from November 2014 and January 2014.

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