Green Party of Chicago Endorses Bob Fioretti for Mayor

Bob Fioretti

From the Green Party of Chicago website:

The Green Party of Chicago is happy to announce our endorsement for Mayor: Alderman Bob Fioretti!

Most of you already know what’s been happening in Chicago in recent years. You know about the closing of 50 schools. You know about how the Chicago Board of Education is appointed, and includes people who profit from charter schools and privatization efforts. You know about Tax Increment Financing districts, and how they’re used to divert our taxes to private interests.

Today, Chicago is mobilized to fight against these injustices, and Bob Fioretti has been at the forefront of this fight. He’s also pushed for a $15 minimum wage, expansion of vocational education, and development of worker cooperatives.

This is a rare election where there are multiple candidates who are being supported by Greens. Bill “Dock” Walls is a passionate progressive. And Jesus “Chuy” Garcia is widely respected for his years or service and his own strong platform. This was a difficult decision.

It is Bob Fioretti, though, who has been front and center, as the leader of the City Council’s Progressive Caucus, and as an ardent opponent of many of Rahm Emanuel’s policies. And he has not just been outspoken in opposition, but also in articulating a better way forward for Chicago.

The election of just one person, of course, will not be enough. That’s why the Green Party of Chicago has also endorsed 12 candidates for Alderman all across the city, and is calling on Greens and others to get out and support these candidates down the stretch leading to the February 24 election. A forward-thinking Mayor will need a forward-thinking City Council to work with, and Greens can play a vital role in getting these excellent people elected.

Thanks to Green Party Watch for the link.

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