Independent Party of Oregon Appears to have Qualified for its own Government Primary

independent-oregonFrom Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The Oregon January 2015 registration tally shows that the Independent Party has 109,349 registered members. Oregon law says a party with 5% of the statewide registration is entitled to its own government-administered primary. The calculation uses a denominator from the statewide total at the most recent gubernatorial election. The November 2014 statewide registration was 2,174,763, so the Independent Party now has five more voters than 5% of that denominator.

It is not certain that the Independent Party is thereby guaranteed a government primary in 2016, because conceivably it could lose registrations between now and the 2016 cutoff point. But because the party has been steadily growing, it is very likely that, having met the 5%, it will keep it and even increase its percentage. Thanks to Sal Peralta for this news.

The Oregon January 2015 registration tally is not yet on the Secretary of State’s web page.

One thought on “Independent Party of Oregon Appears to have Qualified for its own Government Primary

  1. Richard P. Burke

    The Independent Party of Oregon can thank Senate Bill 747, passed in 2001 and signed into law at my request (says so on the bill), which lowered the bar for becoming a major political party in the State of Oregon. Previously, a party had to win 15% in a statewide partisan election, register 3% of all voters within 60 months, and then win 15% in a statewide partisan election once again.

    In this particular case it is, sad to say, somewhat of a farce in this case, given that an Oregonian poll taken some time ago showed that most of the people who registered “Independent” thought they were registering to no political party at all, or registering as non-affiliated voters. Still, it is a crack in the major party duopoly dam, and I am grateful for that.

    And while, adjusting for the growth of the electorate, the LPO has not yet reached it’s peak of 2002-2007, (current level is .8% of the electorate) it is the next largest political party in Oregon. It could be speculated that, given the 4% turnout of the Independent Party’s latest primary, were it not for those who believed they were registering as non-affiliated voters when they checked the INDEPENDENT box, that the Libertarian Party still has the third highest registration totals in the state.

    Richard P. Burke

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