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Jesse Ventura and Roseanne Barr Documentaries to Screen at Tribeca

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The ninth annual Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival has announced that, among other sports-related films and discussions, SHOCK THE WORLD, a documentary about “pro-wrestler turned politician Jesse Ventura” will have its world premiere on Monday, April 20th at 7:30PM. Following the screening FiveThirtyEight Editor-In-Chief Nate Silver will discuss the 2016 POTUS campaigns. (In 2008 Nate Silver accurately forecast the POTUS winner in 49 of 50 states — and the winner of each one of the 35 U.S. Senate races.  In 2012 he correctly predicted the POTUS winner in each of the 50 states plus Washington, DC, and of  31 of 33 US Senate races. See THIS.) In a 2012 interview with Charlie Rose he stated: “I’d say I am somewhere in-between being a libertarian and a liberal.”

After their initial runs, most of FiveThirtyEight’s previous films have been released for free online.

Note: SHOCK THE WORLD  is not the same as WE SHOCKED THE WORLD – a documentary about Jesse Ventura’s successful campaign for Governor released in 1999 (see THIS.)

ROSANNE FOR PRESIDENT! has been selected as a “Featured Documentary” with four scheduled screenings on April 18th, 19th, 21st and 25th.   Eric Weinrib, past Michael Moore collaborator, had behind-the-scenes access and “followed Barr’s gonzo campaign from its inception.”

Barr announced her campaign on The Tonight Show in the summer of 2011, lost the Green Party’s nomination but won the Peace and Freedom Party’s, was on the ballot in three states (California, Colorado and Florida), earned over 65,000 votes and ranked sixth in the national popular vote.

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The Tribeca Film Festival begins April 15 2015 and runs for 10 days at various Manhattan venues.  For tickets and additional information see:

(Note: Former Republican Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger will also star in “a new zombie thriller” at the festival.)

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