Jesse Ventura on Fox News and Bill O’Reilly Lying

4 thoughts on “Jesse Ventura on Fox News and Bill O’Reilly Lying

  1. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I’m really not a fan of Jesse Ventura, but what he says here is good, I think. I’d love for Bill O’Reilly to lose his job over the pattern of lying he’s done, especially after he was so outspoken about Brian Williams’ woes.

  2. paulie

    LOL. On first read, I thought IPR had posted a headline that Ventura went on these shows and lied, which may well also be true, but then I realized that it meant he was talking about them lying.

  3. paulie

    Also, nice to see proof of O’Reilly’s constant lying discussed on national TV. He had it coming to him for a long time.

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