Modern Whig Party: National Security Before Politics

From the MWP website:

With the deadline looming to continue funding the Department of Homeland Security without interruption, millions of American citizens are growing increasingly concerned about the safety of our nation. In the face of continuous terrorist threats, the prospect of the government department most directly tasked with preventing their execution being de-funded over a policy unrelated its central mission is unthinkable to the vast majority.

Yet there continues to be an unacceptable likelihood of it happening. Congress continues to squabble over the president’s executive actions on immigration, and the Republican caucus continues to pursue its strategy of using its authority to fund the Department of Homeland Security as leverage in an attempt to undo them.

The Modern Whig Party of America condemns in the strongest terms this attempt to use the security of the nation as a political pawn in the fight over immigration policy. While there are many legitimate arguments on both sides of the immigration question, and legitimate concerns about the president’s decision to use his executive authority absent Congressional action, in no case should those arguments impact the ability of the United States to defend itself against the ongoing threat of global terror.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell, in the most recent move, has proposed decoupling the department’s funding from the immigration question by treating them in separate bills. We believe this to be the most prudent way forward. But outside groups are pressuring the Republican caucus, especially in the House of Representatives, to resist the efforts of their party leadership to resolve the impasse and keep DHS running.

We urge individual members of Congress to resist the pressure these outside groups are trying to exert and vote their consciences. While the Modern Whig Party is fully aware this bloc of senators and representatives are adamantly opposed to the president’s executive actions on immigration, we believe service to their country should supersede any political considerations they face. There are times when courage to do the right thing, even in the face of vociferous protests and even threats from some quarters, is called for. This is one of those times.

The Modern Whig Party of America urges Congress to follow Sen. McConnell’s plan to pass a resolution continuing funding for the Department of Homeland Security and treat immigration policy in a separate bill. We believe it represents the most sensible way forward, since it would allow Congress to express its will without unduly, and negatively, impacting our national security.

In this time of unceasing global threats to our safety, security and way of life, we more than ever need to separate political considerations from security policy. We hold out little hope for a return to traditional political decorum and mutual respect any time soon. But we insist on the traditional value of putting the interests of the nation as a whole ahead of partisan political maneuvering. Those whom we elect to represent us are entrusted by us with a solemn duty. That duty requires them to act with courage, conviction and common sense, especially when the security of the nation is at stake. The time for Congress to answer their call to duty and act responsibly is now.

Michael Burger

National Chair

The Modern Whig Party of America

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