The Saturnalian Presents: Unofficial 2016 Green Party Presidential Candidates Forum

William Saturn, who also writes here at IPR, has posted a new forum for candidates seeking the Green Party presidential nomination at his blog, The Saturnalian.

All individuals seeking the Green Party’s 2016 presidential nomination are invited to this page to participate in The Saturnalian‘s second presidential candidates forum. Last month, The Saturnalian held a similar forum for Libertarian Party presidential candidates.

IPR’s Debate/Discussion thread with declared candidates for the 2016 Libertarian Presidential nomination is also still open if anyone has more questions for the candidates.

Note from Paulie: If other IPR writers have time and inclination to try to get a hold of all of the candidates seeking the Green (or any other alt party’s presidential nomination), please feel free to set one up here as well.

14 thoughts on “The Saturnalian Presents: Unofficial 2016 Green Party Presidential Candidates Forum

  1. Stewart Flood

    Depends on how many personalities he manifests when he’s off his medication.

  2. paulie Post author

    William, by what means if any did you try to contact the Green candidates?

    I tried to contact by FB – Willita Bush and Midge Potts – in the hopes of setting one up here, and they both told me they had not decided whether to run; Potts said she probably will not. I gave up at that point. Stein is “exploratory,” not a declared candidate, so she would not fit the criteria. Mesplay would be good, if he is in fact actually declared, but this is the first I have heard of that. Brannan sounds crazy from what little I know about him. You can see for yourself how debates/discussions that allow Milnes go.

    As for why not more Greens here…some people have proposed it is because they would feel outnumbered by all the Libertarians and maybe ganged up on, but Green Party Watch doesn’t have much of a comment community either. Maybe Greens just aren’t into endless internet discussions in open forums the way Libertarians are?

  3. William Saturn

    I contacted all of the candidates—some via Facebook, others through e-mail. This is the same way I contacted the Libertarian candidates for the Libertarian forum. This time I received no responses at all (except for Milnes of course).

    However, I did hear from someone not running. Apparently the Irregular Times report on Brannan was erroneous. I e-mailed the Brannan behind the apocalyptic website referenced at Irregular Times and he informed me that he is not the same Brannan running for president.

  4. paulie Post author

    I was having the same issue with non-responsiveness as well, which is why I haven’t done one here (at least yet). My apologies to the other Brannan for relying on IRT info.

  5. Andy Craig

    Jill Stein is already being promoted as “the presumptive nominee” by the Green Party, and that’s seeming like a safer and safer presumption. There might not be a competitive nomination campaign at all this time around, particularly since Roseanne has confirmed she’ll be sticking with the Peace & Freedom Party and Bernie Sanders, if he runs at all, will do so in the Dem. primary. Is there anybody else who might give Stein a run for her money? She’s off to a pretty solid start it seems, if her goal is to lock up the nomination early and go straight into a de facto general election campaign.

  6. paulie Post author

    That sounds correct to me. I don’t see anything more than token opposition for the nomination among Greens.

  7. Jed Ziggler

    Good points, but I see no reason why we still shouldn’t give fair coverage to the “also-rans”, just as we wish the media would give fair coverage to minor party nominees.

  8. paulie Post author

    I’m for giving them fair coverage. If you can have better luck in getting a hold of them to do a forum than myself or Saturn did, by all means, please do it.

  9. Jed Ziggler

    Looks like there’s no one to get a hold of yet. Most of the ones listed on Politics1 aren’t formally declared, or don’t have a campaign website. Personally I wish candidates had the balls (or ovaries) to debate their opponents & address voters even if they haven’t made it 100% official, but I’ve learned they won’t.

  10. paulie Post author


    On the plus side, there’s still over a year til the nomination so plenty of time…hopefully it will come together later.

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