Constitution Party: Let’s Join the Democrats


From a Constitution Party email blast:

That headline is, of course, only an attention getter. The serious news is this: the Senate just voted against giving the President the power to approve treaties and other international deals on his own, before asking Congress to either ratify or reject any agreement. The margin was by 52-45, with all but one Democrat voting down a “Fast Track” around Capitol Hill procedures. It was a stunning rebuke to the White House.

Obama’s initiative defies the United States Constitution: “[The President] shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur …” I’ve highlighted “by and with” because the Senate must act first, before any treaty is enacted.

Why is “Fast Track” so important?

The President and an influential cabal of Wall Street moguls, multi-national corporate elites, and political insiders (mostly Republicans!) are negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) — a deal that sets rules on non-trade issues such as food safety, Internet freedom, medicine costs, and financial regulation. TPP binding regulations would require the U.S., Brunei, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, and other Asian nations to conform their domestic policies by treaty statutes. Beyond “Fast Track,” the TPP fight is next.

Our Constitution Party platform calls for “the withdrawal of the United States from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) … and all other agreements wherein agencies other than the Congress of the United States improperly assume responsibility for establishing American trade policies.”

We now have powerful allies in our fight against “Fast Track” and the TPP:

• “Passing ‘Fast Track’ would remove the Congress’ power to amend the TPP and send us down a road that ends with more American jobs shipped overseas” asserts James P. Hoffa of the Teamsters Union.

• Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren is focused on the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provision of TPP saying, “ISDS would allow foreign companies to challenge U.S. laws — and potentially to pick up huge payouts from taxpayers without ever stepping foot in a U.S. court. It would undermine U.S. sovereignty.”

Help us win this fight.

1. Contact your Congressman and Senators. Addresses and phone/fax/e-mail address can be found here:

2. Contact the media. Go to this webpage:

3. Use this tip sheet for your letters and calls:

Finally, I urge you to renew your financial support for the Constitution Party’s agenda. While the Democrats and a few Republicans oppose TPP, they don’t do it for the same reason we do … but even a broken clock is on time twice a day. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to make an impact on Capitol Hill.

Take action as outlined above and send a gift of $20, $40, $75 or even $150. Those who believe in the Constitution must be counted among the coalition opposing “Fast Track” and TPP.

And may I count on you?


Frank Fluckiger
National Chairman

One thought on “Constitution Party: Let’s Join the Democrats

  1. David

    I think most Democrats supported fast track. Former Montana Senator Max Baucus was one of those supporters.

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