Freedom Socialist Party: Justice for Freddie Gray

From the Freedom Socialist Party website:

The Freedom Socialist Party stands with the family and friends of Freddie Gray, as well as the entire Black community of Baltimore and all those victimized by police brutality, in demanding that those responsible for his death be brought to justice.

As the world is quickly learning, police harassment and murder of poor Black youth in the U.S. is widespread. It is built into the very fabric of U.S. society, in which the police serve to enforce a social order that protects the privileges of the rich and keeps the poor on the bottom.

Democratic Party Mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Republican Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan both expressed their outrage at the young people whose pent up anger was released through acts of violence against police, police cars, and neighborhood stores and buildings. But it was on their watch, along with President Obama, that poverty reigns supreme in the inner cities of this country.

Baltimore is riddled with vacant lots, boarded up row homes, inadequately equipped schools, joblessness, and thousands who lack health insurance. City officials offer no solutions to this mistreatment of the poor and working people. Just the opposite in fact. Their policies have sucked money out of poor neighborhoods and built up the inner harbor area for the golden 1%. The rich get richer and the poor see no future.

The media was quick to decry the looting and destruction of property and spread Obama’s and others calling those responsible “thugs.” But make no mistake about what really upsets the politicians and the large corporations they serve. They saw young people who had no fear of the police, no fear of the armed bodies that daily suppress them, harass them, imprison them, and deny them their rights and a decent future.

The anger didn’t just start with Freddie Gray’s murder. It has been nurtured from day one of living under the bootheels of this class- and race-divided society. Those running this country know that when that anger is one day channeled into a focused political force, with support from organized labor, other targeted people of color, fighters for women’s rights, and struggling immigrants, their criminal system will be taken down by revolutionary change.

The Freedom Socialist Party stands with poor and working class Baltimore!
We demand:

1. End the state of emergency and send the National Guard home.

2. Enact community control of the police: Establish an elected civilian review board, independent of the police, the city attorney and politicians, with the power to investigate complaints, subpoena witnesses, and order remedial action, from retraining to firing, those found guilty of abuse.

3. Immediate federal aid to: create a public works job program including training for youth; increase aid to poor families and children; repair and build new public housing to end homelessness; fund free drug rehabilitation programs; reduce class sizes and upgrade the school system.

4. Replace this rotten, racist U.S. capitalist system, that viciously represses anyone who resists and exploits the working class at home and abroad, with a humane socialist system based on workers’ power and sharing the country’s enormous wealth.

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