Mark Wachtler Survives Possible Assassination Attempt

Mark Wachtler

From Mark Wachtler at Opposition News:

If you thought Russia and China were the only places that political opposition leaders get assassinated, think again. In the early morning hours of June 6th, gun shots crashed through the windows at the home of one of America’s longest standing political opposition activists. Mark Wachtler is a 25-year veteran of various opposition Parties in the US, as well as the publisher of Whiteout Press, Illinois Herald and Opposition News. Saturday morning, he barely escaped with his life.

Broken windows, a three-inch bullet hole in the interior kitchen wall and fear are all that are left after Saturday morning’s assault on the home and office of independent grassroots publisher Mark Wachtler. Later in the day, the author and editor took to social media saying, “The window of my house got shot out last night with a 3-inch bullet hole in the interior kitchen wall. Hmmm. Was it: random Chicago gunfire, my daughter pissed someone off, DCFS from yesterday, Monsanto from last week, the VA from two weeks ago, Goldman Sachs,, the south side socialists? Trying to think of who else has threatened me to get me to stop writing articles…”

Left attacks center to hurt the right

While the shooter was long gone by the time the Chicago police arrived, the prime suspects of the armed attack on the small multi-family home are a violent band of self-proclaimed ‘south side socialists’. Individual members of the group have made recent threats against the publisher for Opposition News’ coverage of third parties. The threats culminated when members of Chicago’s militant South Side Anti-Racist Action published Mr. Wachtler’s home address online, assumedly to instigate attacks by their members against the opposition news publisher.

Ironically, the entire episode began three months ago in a Facebook group for center-left third parties, which is dominated by self-proclaimed far left socialists. One day after the shooting, the group’s creator made the following announcement, “Robin and I have been the admin here for several years, beginning when I formed the group back in 2011. We have decided that this group is not in alliance with our current political path. We have known this for many months now and have remained active in monitoring out of respect for our many wonderful friends here that are invested in third party electoral politics. It is time for us to move on.”

Socialists attacking Constitution Party, Veterans Party, American Freedom Party

While visiting the Facebook group a few months ago posting one of many Opposition News articles promoting Greens, socialists and other opposition/third parties from the left, Mark Wachtler was verbally accosted by a member of the group who pointed out that Opposition News promotes center-right third parties too, most notably the member said, “The racist Constitution Party that’s run by the KKK.”

Always defending all opposition parties – left, right and center alike – Wachtler did what he typically does and referred them to the respective Party’s published platform and by-laws. In this case, the Constitution Party, which doesn’t have a racist notion anywhere to be found. With a dozen other members of the socialist Facebook group cheering on the unsubstantiated attack on Mark Wachtler, Opposition News, and the Constitution Party, the original member seemingly did a quick search of the ONN news site and announced the publication promotes other, “white supremacist groups like the Veterans Party and the American Freedom Party.”

The Opposition News writer and publisher reiterated the fact that his news outlet covers all third parties. Additionally, the grassroots news outlet has spent the past two years covering each of America’s 13 active opposition political parties in exact correlation to the vote totals each party typically receives. That means the coverage is dominated by Libertarians, Greens and the Constitution Party. But other parties, including the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Socialist Party USA, the Socialist Equality Party, Working Families Party, and six more parties from the left, right and center are also regularly promoted.

Assault gets violent, and local

Only days after the verbal ambush by members of the socialist Facebook group, the Opposition News publisher received a notice from a shadowy pro-violence terror group on the south side of Chicago called the South Side Anti-Fascists, aka South Side Anti-Racist Action. In addition to the group’s call to target police officers, white people, neo-nazis and the KKK, the members had added Opposition News publisher Mark Wachtler to its list of published targets.

One look at the alleged evidence presented by the group makes it instantly clear that Mark Wachtler doesn’t belong anywhere on their list. Mixed in with blatant Nazis and Klansmen, Wachtler is a beacon of contrast having been a fighter for civil rights for decades, a proud endorser of opposition candidates of all races and religions, and whose only crime seems to be his opposition to racial discrimination. In fact, with the exception of the final sentence, the notice repeatedly refers to the Opposition News publisher as a “White Nationalist” rather than a “White Supremacist”. That’s because Mr. Wachtler has never uttered or done a racist thing in his entire adult life. And if a belief in ‘buy American’ and looking for the ‘Made in USA’ label makes one a Nationalist, so be it.

The south side socialists’ call to target Mark Wachtler and his three grassroots news sites even admits, “The Whiteout Press site does not appear to be a white nationalist website. Whiteout Press tries to maintain an image of neutrality.” Out of 2,000 articles written by Mark Wachtler over the past decade, including 1,500 published online, his attackers couldn’t find a single example of a racist or derogatory remark about any race, gender or religion. That’s because Mr. Wachtler isn’t a bigot and his tireless work on behalf of all of America’s third parties, regardless of race or creed, should have proven that by now.

Final thoughts from Opposition News

Opposition News and its author/publisher Mark Wachtler will continue to try to keep the country’s political opposition – aka the 99% – united and together on all the issues we have in common. But there are segments of the opposition-left that are fueling a left-right civil war within the country’s opposition to distract from the common fight against the Washington-Wall Street oligarchy and their imperial Presidency. Only now, they are using guns, violence and attempted murder.

For the record, these self-proclaimed ‘south side socialists’ shouldn’t be confused with Chicago’s north side socialists who are affiliated with PSL or the Chicago Socialists affiliated with SPUSA. Both have never been anything but courteous and professional in their interaction with us here at Opposition News. Hopefully, the rest of America’s opposition-left can reign in their underground terror cell before they successfully murder a leader of America’s political opposition, shut down Opposition News, and start a civil war among the 99%.

Visit Mark Wachtler’s three independent grassroots news outlets plus the umbrella Opposition News Network (ONN):

Opposition News

Whiteout Press

Illinois Herald

Opposition News Network

Mark Wachtler (biography)

“For truth, justice, liberty and freedom. By helping the helpless, defending the defenseless and giving a voice to the voiceless.” – Mark Wachtler.

5 thoughts on “Mark Wachtler Survives Possible Assassination Attempt

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    This is a highly distressing story. I’m sure many readers think that this could not have had anything to do with Mr. Wachtler’s political activity, but after this past year and troll behavior toward some of your IPR writers, I don’t know that I doubt him. The Powers That Be do seem to be frightened.

  2. Deran

    It’s a pity there is no independent corraboration included in the ON article. Like a link to a local news report on this shooting.

  3. langa

    …there are segments of the opposition-left that are fueling a left-right civil war within the country’s opposition to distract from the common fight against the Washington-Wall Street oligarchy and their imperial Presidency. Only now, they are using guns, violence and attempted murder.

    I don’t know why anyone would be surprised by this. Most of those on the far left are just as willing to use violence to achieve their goals as their enemies on the far right are.

  4. Chris Towsley

    Looking to reconnect with Mark Wachtler. My name is Towsley. I at one time was the resident Canadian Poet for Mr. Wachtlers publication, the Whiteout I would ask that You, if possible could forward this request to the man… Mark Wachtler along with the email originating it.
    Thank You
    Chris Towsley

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