Jennifer Werther Announces for Louisiana St. Tammany Parish Sheriff

22597_393014450900150_5708673867621168948_nFrom Jennifer Werther’s Facebook Announcement:

It is official! I qualified with the Clerk of Court today. Vote for Jennifer “Hap” Werther, the Libertarian candidate for St Tammany Sheriff!!! Remember, I am endorsed by national celebrity Sheriff Mack over Republican candidates (see more at ) to be a Constitutional Sheriff and influence a Peace Officer culture that understands citizens’ rights. I am a Retired Navy Chief with the administrative and physical security experience to qualify for Sheriff. I will not join the Louisiana Sheriffs Association lobby. I will not take a Sheriff pension (this is a service position, not a career position). I will cut $100,000/yr off of the outrageous Sheriff salary right away. I have self-imposed term limits to 2 terms. If you want a Sheriff who will reduce government, reduce your taxes (more money in your pocket), fight the corruption in this parish, make violent crime priority #1 (We DO have crime in this parish. Read the weekly arrests.), be in this for principle and serve the citizens, vote for me.

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