Jill Stein Comments on “Peaceful Rebellion”, Democratic Debate

Jill Stein

From Peter Orvetti at Green Party Watch:

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein sends a campaign update from Texas, “where peaceful rebellion is heating up! Across the Lone Star State, everyday heroes are coming together for renewable energy jobs, frack-free communities, a halt to immigrant deportations, bailing out the students, and an end to the real border security threat — the war on drugs — and so much more.”

Stein also responded to the recent Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, saying the event at “a luxury resort in the mecca of casino capitalism…exposed the persistent deadly gulf between the corporate-funded politics that’s brought us a world of crisis, and the people powered politics we serve, fighting for a world of justice.”

Stein said hers is the only campaign “fighting to cancel student debt” and also promised to “implement a National Action Plan for Racial Justice Now, to address convergent racial injustice across the board, and cut our nation’s shameful record prison population by more than half.”

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