Tom MacMillan Debates Rivals for Portland, Maine Mayor

Tom McMillan

From Peter Orvetti at Green Party Watch:

The Portland Press Herald reports Maine Green Independent Party candidate Tom MacMillan and his two rivals for Portland mayor debated Tuesday evening.

MacMillan said his two rivals, both Democrats, are alike “on many issues, both opposing ballot Question 1 to raise the minimum wage and Question 2 to provide protections for scenic views. MacMillan favors both referendum questions.” MacMillan said, “I’m disappointed that both candidates here stand against living wages. We need to raise the minimum wage for all workers to get by. The average person is struggling. We see taxes go up. We see rent go up. Wages are stagnant. These candidates are opposed to helping working-class people and I’m very disappointed.”

MacMillan also said that as a Green, he could “avoid the partisan divide between Democrats and Republicans in the state.”

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