Mark Wachtler: Working Families Party Turns Issues into Results

The WFP’s Wildaliz Bermudez will join 2 incumbent WFP members on the Hartford, CT City Council after her election victory earlier this month. Image courtesy of

From Mark Wachtler at Opposition News:

The Working Families Party doesn’t hesitate to enlist the old strategy of flooding another Party’s candidate with WFP support and votes. In most cases, there simply were no Working Families candidates on the ballot and the Party swung the election by openly supporting a progressive Democrat over a conservative Republican. The tactic works, and it allows the WFP to declare victory and find a place on the playing field. It doesn’t hurt that the Party is on the popular side of two of today’s major issues.

Election Day success

One week ago, we reported that 45 Libertarians and Greens were victorious after the 2015 General Election held nationwide earlier this month. A few days ago, we reported that the new Veterans Party had elected another candidate to office, this time using another time-tested strategy – running a candidate in a race where there were no other candidates. Today is the WFP’s turn to brag.

“Candidates who ran as Working Families Democrats or as straight-up Working Families Party did extremely well,” the WFP’s Amanda Johnson announced after the General Election’s votes were finalized, “In New York, we ran our largest-ever candidate recruitment and training program, and boy, did it pay off. 71 Working Families Party priority candidates won!”

The Party announcement goes on to congratulate Wildaliz Bermudez who won election to the Hartford, CT City Council. “In Connecticut, community advocate Wildaliz Bermudez will join incumbents Larry Deutsch and Cynthia Jennings to form the WFP caucus on the Hartford City Council, “Johnson detailed, “Wildaliz was involved with Occupy Hartford and the Black Lives Matter movement, and is a model for what it looks like when activists step up and into the halls of power. Elections like these show what is possible when you have the resources, staff, and support to drive Working Families priorities to victory.”

Popular issues

Giving credence to their Party name, the Working Families Party is finding success because the primary issues their candidates run on are some of the most popular among voters. These include a higher minimum wage, guaranteed family leave at work, and their opposition to the universally despised secret global trade deal called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

In opposing TPP, Party spokeswoman Amanda Johnson explained why the Working Families Party has joined every other opposition party in America in fighting to stop the global trade alliance. “It’ll ship more jobs overseas, gut food and environmental regulations, and give multinational corporations even more power over US and international law,” Johnson warned in a recent Party announcement.

She went on to explain, “The TPP isn’t just another power grab by multinational corporations. It’s the largest one ever! This binding deal will rewrite the international trade rules for the US and 11 other nations. And it was written in secret specifically for the benefit of uber-rich corporations. That’s why we have to stop the TPP in its tracks!”

Another popular issue the Working Families Party is fighting on the front lines for is an increase of the minimum wage. Whether it’s locally, state-wide or nationally, the WFP is leading the ‘fight for 15’. On November 10th, WFP members joined low wage workers across America in a one-day strike to demand a $15 minimum wage.

According to WFP spokeswoman Jen Kern, the Working Families Party and thousands of other activists joined low-paid workers walking off the job in over 500 cities across America. She described how WFP members led the fight, “By marching on state capitols and city councils in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to pressure elected officials to stand on the right side of history.”

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