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Lily Tang Williams announces candidacy for Colorado U.S. Senate seat as a Libertarian

Press Release:


Lily Tang Williams , a Chinese immigrant from People’s Republic of China, who is the State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado, State Director of Our America Initiative, recent graduate of Leadership of the Rockies Class 2015, self-employed entrepreneur, professional speaker, grassroots liberty activist, and a Common Core fighter, announces her candidacy for U.S. Senate on a Libertarian ticket. She will challenge the Democrat incumbent Colorado Senator Michael Bennet.

Williams states, “I chose to come to America to be free and to escape China’s one-party police state. I am a big believer of individual rights and liberty, self-ownership and responsibility, free market and entrepreneurship, the 2nd Amendment, and privacy. I will go to Washington to stop the madness. I cannot be bought.”

America has become more and more like China with an increasingly powerful and seemingly unrestrained Federal government, spending and printing money to buy votes and please special interests. Lily Tang Williams opposes heavy and unbearable regulations on the economy and businesses, government intrusion into privacy, unconstitutional surveillance, indoctrination and data mining of our children, gun control, and Socialist medicine.

Lily Tang Williams will fight for your freedom and her freedom because she has been fighting for freedom all her life.

Watch this video to learn who Lily Tang Williams is. Please go to my web site to contribute to my campaign.

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