Telegraph: Interview with Gary Johnson 1/19/16

The Telegraph (UK) reports on their interview with Gary Johnson:

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson says time is right for ‘the party of principle’ in the White House

Interview: Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, the former border-state Governor of New Mexico and marijuana industry executive, believes he is the voice of reason America needs
GaryJohnson 2012

From his self-built house in
the mountains of Taos, New Mexico, the self-made Gary Johnson is making his second consecutive run as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for president.

Aldous Huxley also used to live in Taos and made New Mexico his setting for The Savages Reservation of the dystopic Brave New World. But Johnson’s brave new world is the opposite of Huxley’s. “Minimum government, maximum freedom” is the Libertarian utopia, which bills itself as “the party of principle”.

The Libertarians have a presence in every US state with a total registration of about 250, 000 voters, described as white, pro-choice, younger, better-educated, and more affluent than the average Democrat or Republican.

In 2012, Mr Johnson captured 1.2 million votes, just under 1 per cent of the popular vote in the general election – the most votes in a presidential contest in the party’s history.

Read more, including the Q & A about the 2016 election, here.

4 thoughts on “Telegraph: Interview with Gary Johnson 1/19/16

  1. Joy

    One minor correction Johnson is running to become the presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party. He still has to win the nomination to become the Libertarian Party presidential candidate. There are currently several other Libertarians also running to become the Libertarian Party Presidential candidate. And while Johnson has the most government executive experience and could be considered a front runner it would be a mistake to assume he has already won the nomination.

  2. NewFederalist

    Excellent point, Joy. There is a BIG difference between being a candidate for president and being the nominee of a political party for that office. Far too many people are imprecise in using the two terms interchangeably.

  3. Andy Craig Post author

    They’re particularly bad about that when it comes to third parties. I think probably half or more of the mainstream articles I see about Libertarian candidates make the mistake of not clarifying nominee vs. candidate, or erroneously assuming somebody is a nominee when they aren’t.

    Still, a pretty good interview I thought.

  4. Herd for U.S. Senate (CA)

    STEVE KERBEL or the CARPETBAGGER FROM NM?Gary Johnson has some questions to answer, especially since he ducked 3 LP debates he was invited to. No wonder, Gary has THE worst tax plan on record. He wants to raise taxes on everyone with a national sales tax INCREASE on just about everything you buy. This idea is whacked, who in the world would RAISE taxes on almost EVERY NEW PRODUCT we buy. This type of tax doesn’t affect the rich, they won’t notice it. But the poor and middle class will. When you go shopping you will notice much higher pricing and that is VERY BAD for business. Gary also wants to end the federal income tax. Gee, who does that benefit? Obviously the rich get a huge tax break while the poor get next to nothing. As usual, the middle class are stuck in the middle. Garys plan is designed to help him get elected by pushing policies that help the rich and well connected. His tax plan is a hand out to the very rich and connected crony capitalists because it also gives an additional massive tax break to corporations who are already enjoying RECORD profits. Sounds like he’s still a Rebloodlican to me. His postion in favor of the “For Profit” private prison system is no different. Gary helped privatize 50% of New Mexico prisons as a Rebloodlican gov. Libertarians sat in New Mexico prisons on bs drug charges. Did Gary pardon all of them like he should have? No, he has no balls, why would he? Instead he expanded the special interest group prison system that lobbys for laws that fill their prisons and their wallets. Special interest groups also fund politicians on the take like Gary. Gary is hungry for contributions as he owed 1.3 million from his 2012 POTUS bid. Some say he’s paid it back but no proof showing such as of yet, Im still waiting. Gary no doubt knows how to work the system, promote bad policies and leave Libertarians hanging around in dirty prisons. Gary also ran for POTUS in 2012 as a rebloodlican and switched over to the Libertarian party when he realized he wasn’t going anywhere in the rebloodlican party, the party I believe represents his true principles. Gary is a carpetbagger and needs to be called out on his positions. Steve Kerbel is leading ALL unrigged Libertarian POTUS polls. Perhaps Kerbels position of pardoning ALL persons imprisoned on drug related charges to be pardoned the day he takes office is why. Perhaps its because Steve Kerbel has been traveling the country for months promoting the party and answering questions. Perhaps its because Steve Kerbel has participated in EVERY debate while Gary has attended none. Steve has pushed the Libertarian message more than anyone for the last 6 months and he is spending quite a bit of his own money to do it. He has a growing team expanding his reach and pushing the Libertarian message and he is a businessman who understands excessive gov’t red tape. He only wants what we all want, to see LIBERTARIAN policies someday take hold. Please #StandWithSteve

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