Kyle Kopitke (Independent): Using Social Media as an Independent Presidential Candidate in 2016

Kyle-Kopitke-300x300Kyle Kopitke is running for president as an independent. His campaign website is and he blogs at President Kopitke 2016.

One of the greatest challenges an Independent candidate for President of The United States of America faces, is in sharing his message and vision. The 1% New World Order Controlled “Mainstream News Media” bans and blocks coverage when we say words like “New World Order” or other such facts of life that challenge the perpetual power and profits of the 1%, and the Globalists that seek to overthrow our Beloved and Inspired Constitution.

Until a couple of weeks ago, I had never heard of a “Meme.” On Friday the 19th of February, I reached out to one of my supporters with an idea for a Meme. Within about an hour, I had the Meme that accompanies this article.

Facebook is another tool; I pick up about ten supporters a day. I marvel that while I am working on another item, I receive a “pop up” message on my computer screen that in that instant, four of my supporters “Shared” one of my “Posts” to their “Friends.”

Besides posting on my Facebook Page (Wall), I also post in “topic” related “Groups.”

In additional to Facebook, I post my Daily Presidential Issues Blog (except on Sunday) on MeWe, Seen.Life, Tumblr, WordPress, Patriots1776, Blogger, Google+ and Medium. I was use Twitter too. My Daily Blog is listed under: “Kyle Kenley Kopitke.”

Youtube is another effective tool. I post there under “Kyle Kenley Kopitke.”

An effective Campaign website is another teaching tool: (Please view all 9 pages).

We, who Love the Constitution and Liberty, and who want to stand up to the dastardly and insidious plans of the Globalists of the One World Government of the New World Order, must use the creations of God for good, and to teach line upon line what is really happening.

Sometimes, I receive a comment from a well intended Voter mocking my discussion of the reality of the One World Government and the New World Order and their plans to crush Freedom. They accuse me of being a dim witted twit, who is a mental Oaf. By using Social Media, I can quickly point them to Internet sites that help them learn unabraided truth by asking them to “search” under “four key words” of “quotations New World Order” on the web, and then on Youtube. They come back amazed at the number of top Business leaders, Democrats and Republicans that clearly state this intention of a One World Government of a New World Order. Yes we can teach Voters; Yes we can inspire Voters to a better way; the American Way. We do this through patience, with a genuine Love for them, and also most importantly, a genuine Love and respect for all things good and noble. May He so Bless us unto this end.

Thank you for your prayers for my campaign for President of the United States of America.

His Peace to you,
Doctor Kyle Kenley Kopitke
DPA; MBA; RPCV; RM; U.S. Army Vet

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One thought on “Kyle Kopitke (Independent): Using Social Media as an Independent Presidential Candidate in 2016

  1. John Seyman


    I got your message on my business phone after we returned home from Wisconsin but, inadvertently mistakenly deleted it so I didn’t get your phone number. Please send a reply once more and I will see if there is any way I can help you. A lot of things have changed in our lives since we last helped you run for Congress but if there is anything Mary Ann or I can do, will be glad to assist.

    God Bless, John Seyman

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