Libertarian Party: LP of Miami-Dade County’s Message on McAfee Campaign how do you delete an email from an iphone 7 go site professional descriptive essay ghostwriter website au source url depression essay follow psychology homework help thesis interior design project viagra women pubmed legit essay writing service reddit the raven essay sample draft paper viagra drug intereaction resume writing service yelp best buy financial statement analysis essays thesis video tutorials bathtubs cialis adds go site dissertation objectives enter how to remove email address from iphone 5 enter site follow teamwork essay cheap case study editing for hire for mba image1This IPR editor received the following communication from the Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade County:

Last week, Mr. McAffee’s campaign told the Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade County that it would not be able to participate to our National Security debate on March 1st.

Instead, his campaign asked our affiliate to host an event for John McAffee. When we stated it would be a violation of our rules (our Laws prohibit us from hosting an event for an individual candidate in order to remain neutral in the primaries), we offered Mr. McAffee to come to Miami and talk to our neighborhood precinct leaders in a town hall setting, the same deal that has been offered to all candidates.

Mr. McAffee asked for our small affiliate, barely managing to make ends meet with our small donors, to pay for his hotel room and for the hotel room of his security detail.

When we refused, his campaign snubbed us and we haven’t heard from them since then.

It is outrageous that someone aspiring to be the nominee of the Libertarian Party wants a small affiliate to bankroll his trips to Miami, Florida.

I want to let all of you know that as Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade County, I will direct our Elections Committee to forego any campaigning done on behalf of the presumptive nominee, if that nominee has previously snubbed one of the largest affiliates in the southern United States.

I will wish good luck to any such candidate campaigning in South Florida without our help. We will not waste resources on a candidate that fails to understand the necessity of local organizations when we already have plenty of local campaigns to take care of.

In Liberty,
Pierre-Alexandre Crevaux, Executive Director
Libertarian Party of Miami-Dade County

P.S.: The same treatment will be given to any candidate that disrespects our affiliate in a similar manner. Some campaigns, such as the campaigns of Marc Feldman, Darryl W. Perry, and Cecil Ince, are boycotting our Presidential Debate, and we are still evaluating how offensive this is to our organization.

A prior IPR article on the Miami-Dade County Presidential Caucus can be found here.

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About Caryn Ann Harlos

Caryn Ann Harlos is a paralegal residing in Castle Rock, Colorado and presently serving as the Region 1 Representative on the Libertarian National Committee and is a candidate for LNC Secretary at the 2018 Libertarian Party Convention. Articles posted should NOT be considered the opinions of the LNC nor always those of Caryn Ann Harlos personally. Caryn Ann's goal is to provide information on items of interest and (sometimes) controversy about the Libertarian Party and minor parties in general not to necessarily endorse the contents.

31 thoughts on “Libertarian Party: LP of Miami-Dade County’s Message on McAfee Campaign

  1. Thomas L. Knapp

    “It is outrageous that someone aspiring to be the nominee of the Libertarian Party wants a small affiliate to bankroll his trips to Miami, Florida.”

    Yes, it is.

    Maybe even as outrageous as that small affiliate demanding that candidates bankroll one of their events in return for being considered as possible beneficiaries of a violation of the LP national convention’s rules on unit voting.


  2. Thomas L. Knapp

    Secondary point:

    You should probably decide whether you want to position your affiliate as a “small affiliate” or as “one of the largest affiliates in the southeastern United States.”

    Is it possible for it to be both? Sure.

    Does it make much rhetorical sense to self-servingly switch back and forth between the two seemingly conflicting descriptors in one note? No.

  3. Chuck Moulton

    Wow, this is ridiculous. Well said, Tom.

    I’m coming around to the idea of not seating the Florida delegation if it includes delegates from Miami. These people are not only flouting the rules, but also full of themselves.

  4. Thomas L. Knapp

    Thanks, Chuck.

    Now that I’ve got that out of the way, a note to McAfee (and any other candidates who don’t get it):

    It’s not the job of Libertarian Party affiliates to finance your campaign travel. Some of them might offer to do so, and if they do that is fine, but it’s not their job.

    If you want to talk to Libertarian Party members in general, and specifically to likely national delegates to the Libertarian Party’s 2016 national convention, you should plan on spending (and if you don’t already have it, raising) the money to do so.

    And, mark this, because it’s a lesson I’ve seen learned the hard way before:

    Only one thing matters between now and Memorial Day weekend.

    Can you guess what that thing is?

    Maybe you think you are God’s gift to America and that in November a plurality or majority of ~150 million Americans will vote for you because you’re just that fucking great. Maybe you’re even right about how great you are.

    But on Memorial Day weekend, a maximum of about 1,000 Libertarian National Convention delegates (realistically, probably more in the 700-800 range) will decide whether or not you get that chance.

    Between now and the moment the votes are cast, you will either convince 50%+1 of those delegates that you’re the best thing since sliced bread, or you won’t.

    If you don’t, you’re done.

    You might want to keep that in mind before demanding that the small organizations those delegates work to keep going on a day-to-day basis pay YOUR expenses (and your bodyguards’) to provide YOU with a chance to convince THEM.

  5. Caryn Ann Harlos Post author

    Commenting to subscribe.

    And a note to those who complain about things I post (not this post, but other ones), I enjoy bringing issues like this that might not get known to our readers. Some of them, some of you won’t find interesting. But hopefully you are seeing a pattern, and it often has nothing to do with whether I “support” an idea or not. But whether it is Libertarian arcana you may not otherwise hear of.

  6. George Phillies

    “…security detail…” Who is full of it more?

    I did run for President. I did get one credible death threat.

    As a general rule, if you are going to send a death threat, identifying yourself, your employer whose email you used, and your ISP is not the world’s smartest move, but that’s between you, the Secret Service, and the FBI.

  7. Alexandre Crevaux

    To the people looking down on the LP of Miami-Dade County,
    Why are we proud of ourselves? That’s a good question. Because we have created a PAC that raised thousands of dollars to campaign for statewide candidates that were (due to a lack of resources) ignoring South Florida.

    Because we elected a councilman on the wealthiest community in the entire United States (Fisher Island, look it up).

    Because we defeated many a special taxing district when proposed in our county.

    Because we have put our name in virtually every single local referendum in the past year.

    Because we are the only affiliate in our State with a strong grassroots organization, made of elected Precinct Delegates that act as liaisons between their neighborhoods and the party.

    Because we have placed thousands of door hangers and registered hundreds of Libertarians (we’ve grown over 250 new voters since Gary Johnson).

    Because we have speakers that go to community colleges and high schools and get young people involved.

    Because we have had our local candidates featured on the Miami Herald, local news organizations, and even CNN Latino.

    Because we have a spokesman that has gone on radio and TV many times.

    And because all of that has happened since we became a political party. In April 2015. Less than a year ago.

    So thank you. But no, thanks.

    Alexandre Crevaux,
    Executive Director

  8. Shane


    Just in case I lose my mind and decide to run a half-assed presidential campaign in the future, I think it’s a good step to start precluding myself from running now . . . you never know when senility will sink in.

    Hey Miami-Dade, can I get a free hotel room? Don’t forget the key to the mini-bar.

  9. Shane

    Wait a minute, is this the same dude who managed the BTP chick’s campaign that was removed as the nominee for being a flat out liar?


    I’d take those accomplishments with a grain of salt if that’s the case.

    Either way, if you act like an ass clown, you’ll be treated like one.

  10. Thomas L. Knapp


    Good catch. I had forgotten all about that guy. If it’s the same guy, I would also take his claims as to what his affiliate has accomplished, and what he can deliver, with a grain of salt.

    I have now seen what purport to be chat logs of a conversation between Mr. Creveaux and someone working with McAfee’s campaign. Those logs bear a passing resemblance, but not a striking one, to Mr. Creveaux’s version of the story.

    One difference is that in Mr. Creveaux’s version, the McAfee campaign asked the Miami-Dade LP to provide two hotel rooms for what Mr. Creveaux characterizes as McAfee to speak at an affiliate meeting, where in the chat log version, the campaign OFFERED to put on an event like another one they’re doing next week over on the Gulf Coast side of the state and asked IF the affiliate could provide those hotel rooms pursuant to that.

    The Tampa/St. Petersburg area event is not an affiliate meeting, it’s an open to the public fundraising dinner, etc. with a $100 price tag. I’m awaiting an answer to the obvious questions:

    1) Is the hotel room thing some kind of non-negotiable demand, or a simple request that’s negotiable, or perhaps a way of gauging whether or not the affiliate is serious about actually doing something?

    2) Is the money from the events all going to the McAfee campaign, or is the McAfee campaign letting the local affiliates who support the gatherings have it, or is there some kind of split? If it’s either of the latter two, it seems to me that what Mr. Creveaux did was get huffy and screw his affiliate out of an opportunity to put some money in its treasury.

  11. Alexandre Crevaux

    When I was 17 years old, I was very interested in politics and I found one candidate, Tiffany Briscoe, and managed her presidential campaign. I found that small little party, the Boston Tea Party, which was basically just proud for taking people out of the Libertarian Party.

    She was very irresponsible and had some serious issues. But she paid me to get her campaign somewhere. So I added two and two and I got her the nomination of the party. Eventually, I resigned when I found her to be ridiculously inactive and the party kicked her out.

    But the damage was done.

    Yeah, I’m that 17 year old that single-handedly brought down a presidential plan for a whole political party.

    Bite me.

    I’ve managed plenty campaigns since then and i haven’t been ashamed of any so far.

  12. William Saturn

    The LP of Miami-Dade County, brought to you by the makers of Tiffany Briscoe, the BTP candidate that committed fraud by lying about her background, preventing the rightful nomination of free speech activist Phil Davison

  13. Thomas L. Knapp

    OK, I just got some more information on the Gulf Coast event. Turns out it was Hillsborough, and it’s been changed.

    The way THAT event was supposed to work was:

    – The Hillsborough County LP would put up the hotel rooms;
    – McAfee would appear at a party event and speak there to raise funds FOR THE AFFILIATE;
    – Separately, McAfee would do a $100-per-person fundraiser FOR THE CAMPAIGN.

    On terms like that, $100 dinner on the side or not, I suspect that Miami-Dade would have knocked down far more than the cost of two hotel rooms in having McAfee come raise money for them.

    But that event has changed. Now McAfee is STILL doing the affiliate fundraiser, but he’s doing it via remote feed and nobody has to pay for any hotel rooms; he’s just doing it for free. And he’s canceled the $100 per person campaign fundraiser.

    I can’t say I have an opinion one way or another on the “get me a hotel room and I’ll raise funds for your affiliate” strategy. But it’s far from the “pay for my hotel rooms or go fuck yourself” demand that Mr. Creveaux seems to be presenting it as.

  14. Thomas L. Knapp

    So Mr. Creveaux is only just now ~21 years of age. That explains a lot, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Makes me inclined to cut him a lot more slack. So I’ll try to be nicer.

    Back in 2004 when my wife was seeking the LP’s vice-presidential nomination, there was one instance in which we asked a state affiliate for some help when they wanted her to come speak.

    We’d been to several other conventions and were basically out of campaign money. But the Arkansas LP wanted her, so we said “if you’ll provide a hotel room, we’ll scrape up the gas money and come down.” They did that (I could be wrong, but I think they did the same for her only declared opponent).

    As it happened, when they realized I would be driving down with her, they asked if I would speak as well. Instead of charging them a fee, I said I’d do it if they would buy me lunch at a particular place (McLard’s, Bill Clinton’s favorite barbecue joint — the convention was right there in Hot Springs). So they did that too and a great time was had by all.

    If the campaign had been flush, I would have said “let’s not make them spend money to have a candidate speak.” But it wasn’t, and they were willing, so we did. No big deal, IMO.

  15. Jeff Davidson

    Hi Alexandre –

    You say that these other campaigns are “boycotting” your debate, which implies that they are protesting some part of it. Are they boycotting because you are attempting to bind your delegates, for some other reason, or are they merely not able to attend?

  16. Andy

    Wow, John McAffee must not have much of that $4 million out of his previous $100 million fortune left if he has to beg a county LP affiliate for money in order to be able to appear at one of their events.

    I hope that none of the delegates in Orlando are ignorant to the fact that McAffee is not that rich, and that he may not be rich at all anymore.

    I remember there were delegates in Denver in 2008 who thought that Wayne Root was a mega-millionaire and that he flew around in his own Lear Jet and that he rode around in chauffeured limousines. Some of the same delegates believed that Bob Barr was going to raise $35-$40 million, and that there was no way that he’d be kept out of the presidential debates.

  17. Thomas L. Knapp


    Two things:

    1) Have you heard John McAfee claiming to be rich?

    2) Even if he is rich, what’s wrong with expecting people who want to you go somewhere to do something for their benefit to put some skin in the game?

    Have you ever heard of the concept of “earnest money?” The organization that wants you to do an event for them and will put up a little money for a hotel room or whatever is probably serious. They’ll probably do the work to get a decent venue and get people out for the thing.

    The organization that expects you to foot the bill for their fundraiser might do that. Or they might let you book a hotel room, buy a plane ticket, and take time out of your schedule at your own expense to do something for them, then lead you to a room with three people in it because they couldn’t be bothered to do the work to make their own event successful. After all, it’s not like they had a bottom line to cover, they dumped that on you.

  18. Andy

    “Thomas L. Knapp February 4, 2016 at 18:26

    Two things:

    1) Have you heard John McAfee claiming to be rich?”

    No, but I have seen/heard some Libertarian Party members who may end up being convention delegates say that they think that he is really rich.

    “2) Even if he is rich, what’s wrong with expecting people who want to you go somewhere to do something for their benefit to put some skin in the game?”

    “Dude, could you spring for some gas money and a place to crash if I come to your meeting?” does not strike me as a candidate with much money.

    If this were say Darryl W. Perry, I could see, but John McAfee is supposed to be rich and successful.

    Last I heard, McAfee was living in Alabama. If he is still living there, Alabama borders Florida.

    Also, couldn’t McAfee go to the meeting and do fundraising while he is there.

    When I was living in Los Angeles I remember then candidate for the LP Presidential nomination, Gary Nolan, came out to speak to local Libertarian groups in the Los Angeles area. I went to see him speak at a Denny’s in Hollywood. After he was finished speaking he conducted a Q&A sessions, and after that he asked for donations, and he and his campaign assistant passed out donation envelopes. I donated $35.

    I later ended up switching my support to Aaron Russo, not because I thought Gary Nolan was a bad candidate (he actually appeared to be a pretty good candidate as far I could tell), but rather because I thought that Aaron Russo would be able to take the message further.

    I did not end up attending the LP National Convention in Atlanta that year, but if I had, my intention was to vote for Aaron Russo.

    I liked Michael Badnarik as well. The only reason I favored the other two candidates over him was because they had more money and name recognition (all three were close on the issues). I did end up supporting Badnarik post nomination.

  19. Thomas L. Knapp


    You seem to be missing the point here.

    McAfee wasn’t offering to “come to their meeting.” He was offering to speak at a fundraiser. That would raise funds. For them.

    Or, rather, his campaign was offering that.

    Now, let’s suppose that he’s a busy man (which seems to be the case — the reason he begged off of the debate/caucus thing is that he’s attending another LP convention a couple of days before, then has to return to Alabama for some business thing, and is traveling by car).

    And suppose he has 50, or 10, or even 5, local parties seeking his presence and attention, all at times that overlap or are very close to each other, but in places that are far apart.

    How does he decide where to go?

    How does he figure out which of these local groups is serious — willing to secure an appropriate venue, willing to send two emails and make a phone call to everyone on their list in the area to get people out, willing to make an event happen instead of just sitting there with their thumbs up their asses waiting for him to make the event happen for them?

    Does he flip a coin?

    Maybe draw straws?

    Or does he say “OK, prove to me you’re serious. Put up a couple of hundred bucks for some related expense. I’ll come down there and raise more than you put up so that you make money on the deal. Everybody wins.”

  20. Shane


    Appreciate the research.

    Sounds like a non issue and could have been a win/win for all. Controlling a tight campaign budget is tough and takes a great deal of humility — especially when you’re not used to asking for that “free lunch.”

    Pierre will learn as he grows . . . and he has a lot of growing to do. In the meantime, Miami-Dade needs to find a more stable figure to represent them. Pierre can still be the workhorse he says he is, but they should not allow him to be the mouthpiece of the organization. They’ll end up with larger embarrassments to come.

    Live and learn.

  21. Steve Scheetz

    “If you don’t, you’re done.” Thomas, Well put!

    I find it interesting that so many candidates, (for all offices) don’t see this, for some reason. I am running for Congress, and tonight I went to a “Tea Party Patriots” meeting. there were candidates who flat out told them no, but I went, and I spoke with them, and all was going well, right up until we started disagreeing on open borders and the threat of the Muslim Horde….

    I THOUGHT I had the right argument for open borders, but when you have people who NEED a fence… and when you have people who are terrified of Muslims due to the fact that they believe Government propaganda while they disbelieve everything else government is saying? (the loudest of these was a doctor)

    Anyway, REGARDLESS of anything else, I HAD to go. I HAD to make the point that the Republican Party was NOT their friend, and that we needed to work on those points that we do agree on. That I will NOT be changing my values to gain more votes, because that is NOT who I am, and that is NOT the kind of candidate we need in DC.

    I was invited back for a candidate forum April 7th, so at least they did not say F%$# YOU, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

    Muslim horde… LOL! Oh yeah, I almost forgot the topic… Candidates have to take trips to places they do not wish to go, simply because WE ALL NEED ALL THE SUPPORT WE CAN GET… Even if it is only one supporter out of 30!


    Steve Scheetz

  22. steve m

    I have decided that in the un-likely event that I decide to attend the national convention and that my state party agrees to send me that I will award my un-likely vote to the libertarian presidential candidate that wins a swim meet at my home swimming pool.

    Now these candidates can not expect me to fund the cost of this competition and therefor they should be prepared to pay me an exorbitant number of dollars each to defray my costs and to help me buy a yacht.

    In the event, that any candidate is gullible enough to participate, there will also be press passes available for a rather unreasonable fee.

  23. Herd for U.S. Senate 2016 (CA)

    It would be nice if we could elect a real Libertarian as our party nominee. McAfee shot his neighbor and went on the lamb. Google it. Johnson left non violent drug offenders in New Mexico prison’s he privatized. Johnson also accepted campaign contributions from those prisons to get re-elected. Austin is against the NAP. It’s bad enough we nominated a CIA agent (WHO PROSECUTED THE WAR ON DRUGS)and TWO Republicans (Root and Johnson) so let’s get it right in 2016. Call out the fakes and consider the candidates who participate in debates, early and often. Don’t vote for the candidates who pop off the pages of the FOX rebloodlican propaganda channel. We’ve got a tv & cell phone broadcast capable www network now and you don’t have to miss another debate. Catch all our POTUS candidates on April 2nd LIVE, in person OR on your cell at The Libertarian Broadcast Network is coming together fast and for good reason. We need transparency and accountability just like they do in gov’t. Far too many half baked LINO’s seem to fall through the cracks. Good luck lino’s the L’s are watching.

  24. Mark Axinn

    Mr. McAfee has accepted my invitation to appear at the LPNY Convention/debate.

    Here are the terms of our protracted negotiations on the subject:

    He comes and we feed him lunch. We got perogis, stuffed cabbage, beef short ribs, kasha and many other Ukrainian delicacies.

    Oh, even though it’s not part of the deal (as opposed to a Hillary Clinton speaking gig which specifies the size of the lemon wedge in her water glass), I understand that Mr. McAfee might want a libation or two with his meal and it will be our pleasure to treat him to a drink as well.

    How’s that for a negotiation?

    BTW, Miami-Dade County LP, candidates ask for all sorts of things. Don’t be insulted; just say No. They’ll come anyway if they can.

    If they cannot, it might not be meant as an insult but only a logistical or financial issue.

    Gary Johnson said he spent a lot of time in 2012 on what turned out to be unproductive events. Sometimes the candidates have to pick and choose and do not mean to insult the ones they turn down.

    Keep up the good work!

  25. Thomas L. Knapp


    Sound advice all around.

    Note: I could be wrong, but McAfee may not drink alcohol any more. He says he gave up drugs 30 years ago and has been “sober,” at least in that respect, ever since. Which is kind of strange, given his public wild-man persona. But he seems to be pretty serious about it. I mean, the guy teaches, and has written books on, yoga.

    Johnson’s point is somewhat the one I’m trying to make.

    On the one hand, a candidate wants to get to every event that he can. On the other hand, there will always be more events than he can get to.

    So at some point he starts doing triage: Which events are going to be an actual crowd, and which events are going to be four people talking to you over Grand Slam Skillets in the back room at Denny’s?

    One way to separate the sheep from the goats on that is to see if the people asking you to come are serious enough to pop a couple of hundred bucks for this or that expense. If they’re not, there’s a good chance it’s going to be the Denny’s deal, and if you have an event offer that’s more likely to be 100 people with their checkbooks, you know which one makes more sense to go to.

  26. smart alex

    Your candidate Kerbel has been in trouble with the insurance commissioners of several states on more than one occasion. He has paid fines. This could represent serious lack of ethics.

  27. smart alex

    Also you are being disingenuous when you say that Johnson and McAfee didn’t participate in your debates. Neither of them had announced they were running yet.

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