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Vermin Supreme takes 4th in NH, gets more votes than former Governors and Senators


Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in a rout. Martin O’Malley, who dropped out of the race after the Iowa Caucus, finished a distant third.

But the fourth place finisher was a name familiar to many New Hampshire voters: Massachusetts resident Vermin Supreme, the perennial candidate best known for his campaign platform to provide free ponies to every American.

With 96 percent of precincts reporting, Supreme received 257 votes, only slightly less than half of the 622 votes O’Malley received. That’s also more than Republicans Mike Huckabee (214), Rick Santorum (197), Jim Gilmore (132), George Pataki (79) and Bobby Jindal (50) tallied. In their defense, though, all but Gilmore had already dropped out of the race.

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Vermin Supreme is an anarchist performance artist and perennial satire candidate, billing himself as “a friendly fascist, a tyrant you can trust” and that “You should let me run your life, because I do know what is best for you.”

He has in the past attended L.P. and other minor party events, and has a following of fans among libertarians and Free Staters in New Hampshire. He was barred from participating in this year’s “lesser-knowns” debate in NH, after sprinkling glitter on anti-abortion candidate Randall Terry at the 2012 debate, because “Jesus told me to make Randall Terry gay.”

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Andy Craig


  1. Dave Terry Dave Terry February 10, 2016

    1, How can I contribute to Mr. Supreme’s campaign?

    2. However, Mr. Randle Terry* should sue Mr. Supreme
    for using his middle name. just before he descends into

    * NO RELATION, of course!**
    ** as I cross my fingers, in a plea to the fates.

  2. Thane Eichenauer Thane Eichenauer February 12, 2016

    > 1, How can I contribute to Mr. Supreme’s campaign?

    From five minutes of earnest searching I believe the answer is… if you ask via the contact form you might be able to but otherwise there is no known way to contribute otherwise.

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