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What Questions Should We Ask Darryl Perry, Candidate for the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination?

Darryl Perry

Darryl Perry has agreed to be interviewed about his Presidential campaign. Can I have suggestions for questions for him?

To my knowledge, Darryl was the first person to commit to running for the Presidential nomination for the Libertarian Party for 2016. He has been posting opinion pieces on his blog Freedom Press Publications for years.

IPR published an interview with Austin Peterson last week. Caryn Harlos is working on an interview with John McAfee now. Also, Miss Joy Waymire has agreed to be interviewed at the beginning of March.

If any other candidates are interested in being interviewed, please let one of us know. Contact info is available in the “About” section.

I will keep this article up until after Caryn has posted her interview with McAfee.

Here is a link to Mr. Perry’s website.

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Jill Pyeatt

Jill Pyeatt is a small-business owner and jewelry designer from Southern California. She currently serves on the Judicial Committee of the Libertarian Party of CA. She can be found on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp February 16, 2016

    1) Does your campaign commitment to accept only cryptocurrency and precious metal — no Federal Reserve Notes — extend to the general election as well as the nomination campaign?

    2) If so, do you have a plan to reach large numbers of voters within the financial constraints of that commitment?

  2. George Phillies George Phillies February 16, 2016

    Which people in your campaign operations will you pay on some basis?
    What do you view as a reasonable salary for the person running your campaign operation? Your accountant? Other key person(s)?
    Mindful the FEC filing compliance, bumper sticker and lawn sign distribution, and other activities are, as a practical matter, implausible or impossible without a physical office, where do you plan to have your base of operations?
    Based on recent history, a Libertarian Presidential campaign will raise 1-2 million dollars for the General election. What fraction of that amount do you view to be acceptable to spend on back-office operations?
    What will you do to increase the size and strength of the libertarian party?
    What will you do to recruit, train, and employ your volunteers?

  3. sparkey sparkey February 17, 2016

    There’s a perception that you’re a radical candidate who will only appeal to radicals. Do you accept this? If not, how will you combat that perception?

  4. Shane Shane February 17, 2016

    Why do you button the top button of your shirt but then don’t wear a tie? Are you cold but still want a casual look?

  5. Derrick Michael Reid Derrick Michael Reid February 17, 2016

    I have had the pleasure to meet Darryl twice, and he seems like an honest standup guy to me.

    Why does an anarchist, who seeks to abolish the federal government, seek to become president swearing to uphold law, defining a federal government, thus swearing to uphold that government.

    It seems that the oath of office and the office sought is contrary to the political perspective, and inherently incompatible. What am I missing? I may just be a protest run, with no intent to actually WIN.

    I dont know.

  6. NewFederalist NewFederalist February 17, 2016

    “Why do you button the top button of your shirt but then don’t wear a tie?” – Shane

    I guess you don’t watch “Elementary” starring Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes.

  7. Krzysztof Lesiak Krzysztof Lesiak February 17, 2016

    Question: If you fail to win the presidential nomination, will you run for the vice presidential nomination at the LP convention?

    Question II: Do you feel comfortable with sharing how much money you’ve raised for your campaign, and do you feel that not accepting Federal Reserve Notes is greatly limiting the amount of funds you could potentially raise?

    Question III: What LP events/debates have you committed to attend before the May convention?

    Question IV: Do you have any campaign staff besides yourself?

    By the way, I interviewed Darryl W. Perry for IPR back in March 2013. The interview was titled “Interview With Darryl W. Perry, First Announced Candidate for 2016 LP Presidential Nomination,” as I believe at the time Perry was the first announced LP presidential candidate. Read it here:

  8. Joe Joe February 17, 2016

    On the U.S. Presidential Election Atlas Forum, where you used to be a member, why did you request to meet up with another member in a hotel and buy alcohol for them?

  9. William Saturn William Saturn February 17, 2016

    Who would you nominate for the Supreme Court?

  10. George Phillies George Phillies February 17, 2016

    Perhaps all candidates should get the same set of questions?

  11. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt Post author | February 17, 2016

    George, I will try to standardize some of the questions. I’ll refer to Austin’s interview, and refer to McAfee’s when it comes out. I think having 6 to 8 of the questions being the same would be helpful to all of us.

  12. Krzysztof Lesiak Krzysztof Lesiak February 18, 2016

    Questions from Al Hopfmann over in an ATPR comment:

    “Do you agree with the wisdom: “Get the US out of the UN, and get the UN out of the US. Otherwise, all individual liberty will be lost.”?

    What percentage of the politicians who are destroying liberty (Obama, Clinton, etc. and all the US Senators and Representatives who score under 35% on The Freedom Index) are actually evil people who want a one-world communist government, and what percentage of them are just plain stupid or self-interested?

    Do you believe that anyone who supports “affirmative action” is by definition a racist?

    Do you agree that rights belong only to individuals, not to groups?”

  13. Andy Andy February 18, 2016

    I was looking up videos about Free Keene and I stumbled upon this speech that Darryl W. Perry gave at Keenevention last year. Darryl sounds pretty good here.

    I sent this to some IPR writers, suggesting that they post it as an article, but they have not done this, so now I’m posting it here.

    Darryl W. Perry’s Closing Keynote @ Keenevention 2015

  14. Steven Wilson Steven Wilson February 18, 2016

    I admire the engine and fever he has, but its the fuel I am concerned about: precious metals and bitcoin?

    The economy is a total institution. It requires a universal language which is currency.

    Point 1: He is running for President in a third party which totaled 1 million votes for President in 2012.
    Point 2: He already started another party in New Hampshire.
    Point 3. He has run for offices in which his main goal was to end that particular office entirely.
    Point 4: His campaign is being fuel by precious metals and bitcoin currency.

    Just these four point alone have made his niche market for possible voters so small it is unlikely that he would reach 10,000 on a national scale, and that is assuming over half that number vote for him because he is running under the LP banner.

    Take on the Debate monopoly/fraud like Nader.
    Take on the Federal Reserve like Paul.
    Take on the IRS like Beck.
    Be a single issue or two issue candidate.

    But as a presidential candidate you need to “communicate” with the economy in a language it can comprehend. Your backers can’t fund you if they don’t speak the language.

    Please rethink your strategy before the convention. An announcement on the first night that you have opened a new account that takes USD could mean gaining support which could transform you into a serious VP candidate.

    IMO, your liberty foot soldier persona could elevate you if you appear to the convention goers as a serious contender.


  15. JIm F JIm F February 19, 2016

    What planks, if any, of the national platform do you disagree with? Why?

  16. David Aitken David Aitken February 19, 2016

    1. Is Sharia law compatible with the US Constitution? If not, how would you keep it from being implemented in the US? If you think it is compatible, explain how and why.
    2. What judicial philosophy would your candidates for the Supreme Court subscribe to?

  17. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt Post author | February 28, 2016

    Now that we’ve all had a chance to learn more about Mr. Perry in tonight’s debate, do you have any more questions for him? I plan to send the questions to him early next week.

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