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Rand Paul to Announce Endorsement of Austin Petersen

From The Liberty Bacon:

Several sources from within both the Rand Paul and the Austin Petersen camps confirmed talks have been taking place for Senator Paul’s endorsement of the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate Austin Petersen.

One source said that Senator Paul had considered endorsing fellow Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz, saying if Rand thought he had a future with the GOP, he would have endorse Cruz. Interesting, considering Justin Amash, another Libertarian leaning congressman from Michigan, was highly criticized earlier for endorsing Cruz.

Another source said that Rand has commented, “I like Cruz if I had a future in the GOP, but I don’t. My choices are Chump (which Trump is commonly referred to in the Paul camp) or third party. I won’t endorse Gary Johnson, and can Austin Petersen really help him or me?” After considering his options, Senator Paul has decided to make a surprise announcement and endorse Austin Petersen at a news conference on Friday morning, joined alongside by Congressman Thomas Massie.

This could be huge for the Libertarian Party and could pave the way for the Libertarian Party to be the Party of the future once the GOP implodes.

Read the full article here.

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  1. Sean Scallon Sean Scallon April 2, 2016

    The best April Fools Day jokes are the ones that have certain grain of believability to them. By contrast, Rand’s desire to be a party apparatchik makes not such “joke” endorsement have the slightest plausibility.

    Nine years after the Ron Paul movement began and all we’re left with is the kid’s desire to be a company man.

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