Longtime Republican Strategist Mary Matalin Switches Voter Registration to the Libertarian Party

Mary Matalin

Mary Matalin

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

Mary Matalin, interviewed on television on May 5, mentioned that she had changed her voter registration from Republican to Libertarian that very day. She lives in Louisiana, a state with partisan registration. See the entire short interview here. She was careful to say that she still may vote Republican in November, but that she wanted to make a public statement of her libertarian views and a statement that she is not a knee-jerk Republican partisan. Thanks to Eric Garris for the link.

24 thoughts on “Longtime Republican Strategist Mary Matalin Switches Voter Registration to the Libertarian Party

  1. Guy Rosinbaum

    Sooo, we are not a wasted vote after all?

    I’m happy to see all of these mad conservative voters coming over, but let’s remind them we are NOT another wing of the Republican Party.

    I will be just as happy to welcome the young disaffected Bernie Sanders voters, with the same reminder.

  2. Shivany Lane

    This is a huge turn of events.

    Paul Ryan says that he is not ready to support Trump. Trump, meanwhile has insulted Paul Ryan many times. Even if the Republicans do hold on to the House and Ryan stays on as Speaker of the House, whoever sits in the Oval Office better learn to play nice with him.

    Everyone thinks that the President has so much power. Realistically speaking, the Speaker of the House holds more power. This could be the year that many things turn. I would like to see some of our down ticket candidates benefit from all of this. I have a feeling that many Republicans will either vote Libertarian or just stay home.

  3. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    It’s a career move on Matalin’s part. Not her joining the LP, but her announcement of joining the LP.

    Whenever political pundits make political announcements of any sort, it’s just a play to some audience or other. A marketing ploy. Seeking the spotlight. Targeting a niche consumer base.

    Whenever a conservative publicly renounces some aspect of their previous conservatism (e.g., Ariana Huffington, David Brock), it’s an attempt to widen their audience. They get much media play, and a new set of buyers. Ditto whenever anyone of any party or ideology makes a public announcement of a switch.

    I suspect Matalin thinks that being a conservative-turned-libertarian will raise her above the noise, get her some media attention, and boost her career. She’ll milk it until it’s time for another switch.

  4. Richard P. Burke

    This is vindication and an example of why I supported Trump for the GOP nomination (not the presidency). A Trump/Hillary matchup will cause a realignment in this country that the libertarian movement, and the LP will benefit from as people look for new political homes and constituencies come within reach that we could not reach before.

    Since it became clear that Trump would be the nominee, not only did this happen (tip of the iceberg), but new LP memberships have skyrocketed. I hope and expect this phenomenon will continue and that our movement will find itself to take advantage of it.

    Richard P. Burke, Secretary
    Libertarian Party of Oregon

  5. Mike B.

    This is the “I’m-Mad-As-Hell-And-I’m Not Going-To-Take-It-Anymore” wing of the Republican Party.

  6. NewFederalist

    Where did she say anything about joining the LP? She simply re-registered Libertarian. That’s not the same thing.

  7. Guy Rosinbaum

    I so agree Roots Teeth are Awsome. I’ve noticed the same thing in the LP. Where people will flop over and support a republican, and then when the attention from that dies down, they will flop back and say it was part of a master strategy.

    Now all cards on the table, I’m just a drop out from the Texas public education system, and not very smart. But when I can see through, The bull poo of people that profess these SuperGenius strategies, well it just doesn’t speak well of their intentions.

  8. Fappy Killmore

    Welcome on board. I hope she becomes more consistently libertarian over time.

  9. tylor

    Well, maybe the good thing is it gets more people talking about third parties, in this case the libertarian party specifically. Just getting people to defect from the duopoly at all is a win-win. In this case more people will be talking about the libertarian message and values.

  10. robert capozzi

    This is quite interesting. But it’s also filled with cross currents and misdirection.

    Watch the interview below, and see how non-committal she is about her L-ness. This is no surprise, since she is a person who’s spent a lifetime pushing Pepsi. She says she might still vote Trump, for ex., which strikes me as an obviously insane act.

    I find this as somewhat hopeful. Then again, if she REALLY knew that L means rigid NAPster, crypto anarchist per the charter, she might have registered differently.


  11. Thomas L. Knapp

    “Richard P. Burke, Secretary
    Fraudulent Conspirators Pretending to be the Libertarian Party of Oregon”

    There, fixed that for ya. No charge.

  12. Eric Sundwall

    She’s in for a rude shock when she looks at the LNC budget. Her meal ticket is still GOP.

  13. Richard P. Burke

    Mr. Knapp,

    Four LNC resolutions and the latest Judicial Committee ruling say otherwise. Only Nick Sarwark, who has no authority to overturn either, defiantly holds to the contrary. For this and other matters, he will have a difficult time being re-elected.

    Richard P. Burke, Secretary
    Libertarian Party of Oregon

  14. Jill Pyeatt

    Burke, Sarwark isn’t the only person who defiantly ignores the judicial committee ruling. It seems to me the Executive Committee did a pretty good ignore. Those of us here ignore the out-of-turn judicial committee decision. Will this bring down Sarwark? I’d be very surprised if that happens.

  15. Thomas Knapp

    Mr. Burke,

    Neither the LNC nor the Judicial Committee have the authority to decide which organization is the Libertarian Party of Oregon. They only have the authority to decide which organization is the LNC’s affiliate.

    And since the LNC has never taken a proper disaffiliation vote, and since the last legitimate Judicial Committee ruling (as opposed to a ruling made without jurisdiction on an untimely complaint by a party without standing) was that the organization other than your con job is the affiliate, that pretty much settles that matter too.

  16. Bob Waller

    So would any of you other learned mavens like to make some predictions on the party chair race?

  17. Thomas L. Knapp

    I’m aware of four candidates for chair: Nick Sarwark, Mark Rutherford, Brett Pojunis and Charles Peralo.

    From that action, I predict Sarwark on the second or third ballot. Peralo’s gone after the first ballot. If that doesn’t put Sarwark over the top on the second ballot, Pojunis’s exit on the second ballot will clinch it for Sarwark on the third.

    But, of course, I could be wrong.

  18. James Welby

    “For this and other matters, he will have a difficult time being re-elected.”

    Which other matters?

  19. Thomas Knapp

    “Which other matters?”

    All of the “matters” break down to one: Sarwark doesn’t just lie down on the floor and let Aaron Starr walk all over him on demand.

  20. From Der Sidelines

    So Burke, the closet R, admits he’s a Trumpet and not really a libertarian, then in his continued delusions claims to not only be the secretary of a group that is more illegitimate than Ted Cruz’s aborted ineligible run, but also has the stupidity to claim that his cult’s bogus claims are enough to derail a LNC Chait that actually gets things done when the rest of the party is sick of his cult’s garbage?

    Yeah, right.

    Keep on spewin’ and deluidin’ Burkebrain. You just keep digging it deeper.

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