Steve Kerbel Endorses Gary Johnson & Bill Weld

Audio from conference call with Libertarian National Convention delegates, 5/24/16.

6 thoughts on “Steve Kerbel Endorses Gary Johnson & Bill Weld

  1. George Whitfield

    Well thought-out and positive endorsement of Johnson and Weld by Steve Kerbel. We Libertarians have an unusual opportunity in this election and I trust the delegates at the convention in Orlando have the wisdom to nominate Gary Johnson and William Weld.

  2. NewFederalist

    George- I admire the work you do for the LP but despite the historic opportunity 2016 appears to present the party don’t you have any reservations about Gov. Johnson’s fiscal woes or Gov. Weld’s 2nd Amendment commitment? Two former governors may be very sexy to the media but I just have such reservations. Help me out here.

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