Videos: Bill Weld on Why He’s Seeking the Libertarian Vice Presidential Nomination

In two videos, Gov. Bill Weld makes his case to Libertarian National Convention delegates for the Vice-Presidential nomination. In the first, Weld touts his commitment to smaller government, cutting taxes, and “A” grade from the Cato Institute:

In a separate video, Weld spoke about his position on the 2nd Amendment:


19 thoughts on “Videos: Bill Weld on Why He’s Seeking the Libertarian Vice Presidential Nomination

  1. Andy

    He’s seeking the LP VP nomination so he can fuck Libertarians over, whether he intends to or not, but I suspect that he intends to fuck us over.

    It would not surprise me at all if this is an establishment attempt to sabotage and/or co-opt the Libertarian Party.

    This is Bob Barr 2008 all over again.

  2. Andy

    Weld screwed the Libertarian Party of New York in 2006. Why give him a chance to screw us again?

    Weld said Yes

  3. Andy

    Here’s Weld endorsing John Kasich for President in February of this year. This was just 3 months ago. Now we are supposed to believe he’s became a legitimate libertarian?

    Former Gov. Bill Weld On His Candidate, John Kasich

  4. natural born American

    It is not fair to compare Bob Barr to Bill Weld. Barr was a much better libertarian than Weld could ever be.

  5. Andy

    “natural born American
    May 26, 2016 at 02:16
    It is not fair to compare Bob Barr to Bill Weld. Barr was a much better libertarian than Weld could ever be.”

    If this is true, this does not say much, and I’ve got to wonder if they were equally toxic.

  6. steve m

    So Andy, I am trying to figure this out… are you saying that as the head of the Criminal Division of the Justice Department Bill Weld was trying to obstruct prosecution of drug cases?

  7. Andy

    Wow, some people are really dense. The issue was not about drug legalization, it wad about the CIA profiting from drug trafficking, of which the profits are inflated due to the government’s prohibition of certain drugs, and using the proceeds to fund covert operations.

  8. Andy

    Also, I am not the one saying it. Read the article, and do a search for similar articles on the subject.

  9. robert capozzi

    Andy, I’m certain that WW was approached for NY guv by the LP. And I have reason to believe he was approached by GJ fairly recently.

    If WW is actively “fucking over” the LP, don’t you find it odd that L are recruiting him? If he’s a mole for the CFR who’s tasked with blunting a 1% party, wouldn’t he be the one doing the approaching?

  10. Jim Polichak from Long Island

    What Do Jill Stein & Gary Johnson have in Common?
    The L.A. Times and other media all but ignore that they are running for president, too. How about more coverage of the two minor parties that will probably be on the ballot in all fifty states?
    The two major parties are about to nominate the two most disliked candidates in polling history. Many people will go to the polls in November trying to chose between the lesser of two evils.
    A Libertarian ticket of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld {two former GOP governors} has more executive experience than Trump and Clinton has together and Jill Stein of the Green Party speaks to the most important issue of this century. What good is a tax cut if your home is underwater {Literally, not figuratively}.
    The American vote has a right to know more about how their presidential options extend beyond the two major parties.
    The presidential debate commission run by the two parties since the League of Woman Voters gave up trying to run fair debates have set an almost impossible standard for minor party candidates to achieve for a podium at the debates – 15% in five different national polls to be chosen by the debate commission.
    Most news organizations have gone along with this standard as an excuse not to give a reasonable amount of coverage to minor party candidate thereby assuring that it is all but impossible to achieve that polling number.
    Two former governors challenging a reality TV star for the presidency is certainly a story that should be covered by the media on at least a weekly basis.
    And a champion of the environment and foe of global warming has to be at least as newsworthy as the obstructionist and naysayers who declare that the jury is still out on global warming.

  11. Andy

    Check this out. The Weld Said YES video above (where Weld ended up breaking his word to the LP of New York) has mysteriously been taken down.

    Somebody out there is clearly trying to censor the truth.

    Somebody needs to get that video back on line as soon as possible.

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