24 thoughts on “Bill Kristol Confirms that Potential Independent #NeverTrump Candidate is National Review Writer David French

  1. RedPhillips Post author

    Does anyone have any thoughts on how I should tag these #NeverTrump/Renegade Party posts? So far I have tagged them as independent and right-wing minor parties. Also, is Renegade Party enough of a known quantity to start to refer to this effort by that name?

  2. Bondurant

    Very anti-climactic stuff.

    The more the merrier, though. I’m hoping for electoral chaos. Maybe this election will do some good by making people re-think the Electoral College if the House elects the president again.

  3. Tony From Long Island

    Bondurant: especially if the house ends up choosing Trump, which is the most likely scenario (1 vote for each state delegation). That would be disastrous. Trump makes GW Bush and Sarah Palin look like mater orators.

    Red: I’m not sure French posts even belong here. Has he even confirmed that he will run?

  4. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    I’m not sure French posts even belong here. Has he even confirmed that he will run?

    IPR covers third parties, not just third party candidates.

    So yeah, these posts belong here. It’s not necessary for candidates to confirm a run before they can be covered. Speculation, and other people promoting the candidate, are enough for coverage.

  5. Tony From Long Island

    OK, but where did the name “Renegade Party” come from? He wouldn’t be running under a party banner if he did run. He’d have a mish mosh of party names on each state due to the quirky state ballot laws. Should be interesting either way

  6. Karl T. Knight

    One would think naming a political party “Renegade” would be a bad choice… Thoughts?

  7. robert capozzi

    It’s descriptive. And it suits the Never Trump purposes, which is to disown Trump. They have no other (obvious) agenda.

  8. RedPhillips Post author

    I think Renegade Party was just something someone called them, and they like the sound of it so they owned it. It’s not really a party. It’s a name for the movement to draft an independent movement con/neocon approved candidate.

  9. Tony From Long Island

    Well, anything that is against Trump, I am for. But it could end up like the primary – so much competition that he wins with a very small percentage.

  10. Be Rational

    Renegade Party is actually a catchy name. Many Trump supporters think of themselves as renegades.

    However, they have chosen an unknown, nobody candidate that makes Gary Johnson look like a rock star. They will raise little money and make few ballots with Mr. French. Maybe Buffy and Jody will campaign for him though.

  11. RedPhillips Post author

    Buffy and Jody. 🙂 I see what you did there. Only those of us over a certain age will get that. That’s almost even before my time.

  12. Steve

    My guess would be that they try to run him in a few states where Republicans are defending toss-up Senate or House seats. The idea there would be to turn out whatever “never Trump” Republicans there are in order to avoid losses down-ballot.

    Unless they have people who really will throw millions at their SuperPac, then game on I suppose.

  13. Steve

    Second, does anyone know if they’ve started petitioning already? A fundraising mailer the LP sent out a few weeks ago made one cryptic reference to petitioning costs going up this year – might that be because Kristol’s people (perhaps left over Americans Elect) are already out there paying people on the ground? Or just the usual election year competition for sigs?

  14. Timothy Yung

    This is pathetic. David French has not even confirmed that he was running and based on the track record of the other potential candidates Bill Kristol has tried to run, David French will back out. Even if he does run, he will get very little votes. Donald Trump has nothing to be worried about. If Bill Kristol is serious about stopping Donald Trump he should be supporting Darrell Castle or Gary Johnson, but he wouldn’t because his top priority is his neo-con foreign intervention agenda.

  15. Catherine Petro

    David French doesn’t stand a chance. Republican voters aren’t interested in anti-Trump candidates. If they were, Cruz or any of the other seemingly thousands of anti-Trump candidates would have won the Republican primary instead of Trump walking away with the nomination and a record for the most votes in a Republican primary.

    I’m voting for Jill Stein, so I hesitate to call David French an unknown (lol), but unlike Stein and the Green Party, French and Kristol seem to think they can sweep in and win a ton of votes because of Trump’s unpopularity. The problem is, polls (both political polls and exit polls) have shown Republicans coalescing around Trump at a rapid rate, so much so that Trump is beating Hillary in head-to-head polls. If anything, Republicans stand to win more votes and have success in downticket races because of Trump. Trump will end this primary with more votes than Romney in 2012 and Bush Jr. in 2000 despite drops in party registration. Kristol and French are wasting people’s time and money. If they were running for purely ideological purposes or to build an alternative party, MAYBE I could be onboard (since that’s what Stein is doing and I fully support that), but French and Kristol have made no platform, or even promise to put forth a platform, and are running just to try to counter Trump. That’s idiotic.

  16. George Dance

    The best place to start with a French candidacy is to look at what he’s said about Johnson’s candidacy. He sees the following positives:
    *”He ran for governor as a fiscal conservative in a blue state, won handily, and can now boast that he cut taxes, vetoed hundreds of bills, presided over significant job growth, balanced the state budget, and created a substantial reserve fund”
    *”Johnson is an extraordinarily strong gun-rights advocate
    *”and he favors free trade”
    *Even abortion isn’t a deal-breaker: “he’s well to the right of Hillary Clinton — supporting late-term abortion bans, parental-notification laws, and opposing public funding for abortion
    * and, “he’s indicated that he’d appoint judges ‘who will interpret the Constitution according to its original meaning.'”

    Against those are the 3 deal-breakers – drugs, the right to discriminate, and foreign intervention:
    *”Johnson is a Libertarian, and that means he’s for drug legalization”
    *Worse, he ” is an actual drug user — boasting recently that he’d just consumed “Cheeba Chews,” a form of ‘marijuana-infused taffy’.”
    *”when it comes to religious liberty and the rights of conscience, he may not be libertarian enough. In the Libertarian party’s presidential debate, he offered a bizarre and rambling defense of forcing a Jewish baker to bake a Nazi wedding cake — in the name of ending religious discrimination. He also briefly endorsed, then walked back, using state power to ban the burqa in the United States.” (OTOH, French agrees with Johnson’s view of “the political nature of sharia law and its incompatibility with American conceptions of liberty.”)
    *”Regarding national defense, he’s not as extreme as some libertarians — some go so far as to view the rise of jihad as fundamentally America’s fault — but he does believe that American military interventions have made the terrorist problem “worse.”

  17. RedPhillips Post author

    “but he does believe that American military interventions have made the terrorist problem “worse.””

    Ummm… is this even disputed?

  18. Dave

    The name of the party comes from a BreitBart article where the author called Kristol a Renegade Jew for his opposition to Trump.

    French is really the lowest “get” imaginable. Even with Romney’s backing, I don’t see him getting that many votes if he even decides to run. Media eager to write about a NeverTrump effort have a more credible ticket in the LP, and I think most attention would be focused on two former governors rather than some random journalist.

  19. George Dance

    GD (quoting French) “but he does believe that American military interventions have made the terrorist problem “worse.””
    RedPhillips: Ummm… is this even disputed?

    I actually think the only people we’ll hear it from this campaign will be Johnson & Weld. Trump & this Renegade might go halfway & say “dumb” Democratic interventions have made things worse, and Clinton halfway in the other direction to criticize “stupid” Republican interventions; but they’re all sure to add that the one thing to make things just fine and dandy is more “smart” intervention from their party.

  20. French Revolutionary

    I’m ready for the French Revolution! Let’s Storm the Bastille! David French for President 2016!!!

  21. From Der Sidelines

    Kristol is an idiot, but we knew that. He should run Bruce Cohen. Those bigoted Zionists are made for each other.

    Of course, it’s too late for any independent to get the sigs for ballot access to have any remote chance of Electoral Votes, so this is basically a non-starter.

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