ATPR Exclusive: Interview With Transhumanist Party Presidential Candidate Zoltan Istvan

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The following interview with Transhumanist Party presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan was conducted by ATPR editor Adam Seaman and published on ATPR on August 16th, 2016:

1. Q: I love your platform. It is different, it is futuristic, it’s trailblazing. You want to explore space and by that I don’t mean what were doing now, you want to do much, much more. Could you outline for us your plan for space exploration and the goals of a Istvan presidency in space?

A: One of the most important things about space exploration is not just that it’s super cool. It’s a possible solution to existential planetary threat, either through a massive nuclear war, a super virus killing billions, or asteroids destroying Earth. We need to have a way to get many humans off Planet Earth incase something goes wrong. So While I love space travel for adventure, it’s a core policy of mine to dramatically aim to increase funding for space exploration for the literal survival off the human race. I would enlarge the NASA budget by at least 5 times.

2. Q: Hypothetically let’s say Earth has colonized both the Moon and Mars, something possible in the near future. How would you govern colonies hundreds of thousands of miles away?

A: We would govern them the same way we govern now. We’d expect colonies to follow the rules, and if they don’t there would be consequence. If it was America that colonized these places, they’d be under American law and jurisdiction. However, it’s safe to say that some allowance of flexibility might be given to outer world colonies.

3. Q: The future of jobs is that human labor will soon become obsolete. Robots will replace us eventually and that is not a bad thing for people, tell us why and how the Istvan White House would address the issue?

A: I will create a Universal Basic Income, funded from the companies that made the machinery and software to replace the jobs and by tapping into the huge unused natural resources off America. The bigger question is what would American’s do with all that free time. I’d make college free if they wanted to do that, but it’s not really my place to tell people what to do with their free time. I just want to give that free time to them.

4. Q: What is a ‘Transhumanist Olympics’?

A: A Transhumanist Olympics is a sporting game event that looks more like Formula 1 racing for human beings—where humans are like the cars and scientists and engineers are just as important as the athletes. It’s a sporting event that allows all drugs, and augmentation, and all technology to accomplish various sporting events. And some of those sporting events might be totally brand new, born upon the radical technology we now have.


5. Q: How does Zoltan Istvan break the oligarchic stranglehold on America?

A: To be honest, I don’t think I’ll have to break it. I think coming technology will do it on its own. In the same way that the internet is making Democracy more commonplace, I think technology will equalize people soon enough, especially as we enter the hive mind age where our bodies are more machine than biology. At some point power might not be the great goal, but community would be. In fact, it’s actually through community that we’d find the most power. Technology might make individuality obsolete.

6. Q: Racial tensions are high, as high as I’ve seen them since at least the LA riots. What can Transhumanism do to heal that divide?

A: It can bring in a Universal Basic Income. It can create better policing tech so people can’t commit crimes. On the flip side, we can film police officer’s every move so we know they are always being fair. I encourage that we should always have them and other government members—like politicians–being filmed at all moments. The more visibility we have, the more we’ll learn to get along with one another. But giving people a Universal Basic Income is really the foundation. Well fed and happy people are not inclined to riot and disrupt society. We need to take care of people first.

7. Q: Zoltan Istvan wants direct democracy and other parties in government. How do you achieve this in a span of 4 to 8 years when the oligarchy has spent decades making sure it does not happen?

A: Any change is tough in 4 years. But 8 years is enough to get much change done. One has to work with Congress and do trades. You give me Direct Digital Democracy and I’ll give you something. Regarding 3rd parties, they’re doing so well this year that that battle may have been partially won already.

zolt with bus in DC

8. Q: Let’s say during the Istvan administration NASA or a private entity finds proof of life on some distant planet light years away. What do you do?
A: It really has to do with what type of “life”. But basically, stay totally away whether it’s intelligent or not. We don’t need alien interaction since humanity’s own singularity is about 25 years away. What we need is peace and expediency in order to become the gods we are possible of becoming. I suspect our intelligence will be a trillion times higher in 3 decades time than now. We don’t need alien friends. We need to explore our own minds made so much more complex via technology.

9. Q: How do you convince the other leaders of the world as president to follow your lead and the path of transhumanist politics?

A: I actually think the progress of technology will convince them. No one can discuss CRISPR gene editing or AI without realizing we are entering a totally different age. Hopefully the other leaders will see the path and policies I created, and improve upon them as the world needs. A lot of my goal with my presidential campaign is to create the world’s first political platform for the future—a sort of guide on how to do it so they don’t enter it blindly.

10. Q: Do you see others like yourself running for President someday or are you just going to keep running?

A: In 2020, because of the success of my campaign, I’m sure many candidates will run on science, technology, and futurist platforms. In fact, John McAfee did it for a while too on the Cyber Party platform once he saw how much visibility I was getting. Running on a science and technology platform makes total sense and it will become a very broadly used platform. Nothing changes our worlds more than science and tech, so it’s reasonable to build entire political platforms off it.

11. Q: What does a Transhumanist foreign policy look like? (This question comes from r/Transhumanism)

A: The short term Transhumanist foreign policy is to use tech and science to make America a safer, more successful country. Core military goals of mine is to no longer use human troops whatsoever and to make sure America is first to reach AI.

The longer term window—50 years maybe—is to do away with all nations and borders, merge with AI, and probably not be too dependent on this planet. I see a democratic world government and expansion all over the universe, as transhumanist beings.

There is no other candidate out there like Zoltan Istvan.  Thank you for your time, your wisdom and your trailblazing politics!  Good luck on the campaign trail!  If you wish to learn more about the man, his platform and the Transhumanist Party, click on the links below:

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  1. Starchild

    Q: …How would you govern colonies hundreds of thousands of miles away?

    A: We would govern them the same way we govern now…

    This is a very disappointing reply from a self-identified transhumanist as it definitely sells short the potential of transhumanism. As technology makes a wider and wider range of self-transformation possible, trying to boss people around and micromanage their lives via government in ways that go beyond enforcement of the Non-Aggression Principle would seem to be increasingly obsolete and unworkable.

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