Constitution Party chairman reports on ballot access progress

News release from the Constitution Party, August 22nd, 2016:


Dear Fellow Patriot:

We have some great news to share with you! We received word this past two weeks that Washington State, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Louisiana are now ballot qualified.  Ohio, Iowa and Tennessee have turned in their petitions with well over the number required so they are all looking good.  Idaho will turn in their petitions this week.  What is most interesting about that state is that Idaho was done largely on a volunteer basis. Next to nothing was paid out to petitioners. Signatures came in from 29 of the 44 counties and more are still coming in. My sincere thanks to those of you for making this possible.

To be very candid, four weeks ago, things looked pretty bleak, but the past two weeks have produced some rather inspiring miracles which have enabled us to reach the level of success we have reached thus far.

Because of this success, we moved forward to gather signatures in Virginia, Minnesota and North Dakota.  With good luck both Virginia and Minnesota will complete their petition drives this week. The next two big challenges are Kentucky and Rhode Island. Getting ballot qualified in those states is critical and that is where we urgently need your help. As in Ohio, we needed to hire professional signature gatherers and we are being charged $3.00 per signatures. We need at least 7,500 in Kentucky and 1,500 signatures of those states respectively to ensure that we get the 5,000  and 1,000 required valid signatures required for ballot access.

Time is of the essence. Please search deep within your heart and donate whatever you can to help us raise the needed funds to put Virginia, Minnesota and North Dakota on the ballot.  Those are key states to helping us reach the 270 electoral vote level needed to win the election and thereby put us on par with the other parties in this election.

Any donation of $10,00 $25.00, $50.00, $100.00, $500.00 or more will be gratefully appreciated. You can donate online or download donation formand send with your payment to:

Constitution Party
PO Box 1782
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17608

Again, my sincere thanks for your generous support in this undertaking.

Frank Fluckiger

National Chairman
Constitution Party

16 thoughts on “Constitution Party chairman reports on ballot access progress

  1. johno

    Is the CP showing up on any state polls? The GP With Dr. Stein is in th 2-5% range. The LP with Johnson are in a wide range from 3 to as high as 16% in Utah. What state are they doing well in? West Virginia?

  2. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author


    The CP was included in at least one poll, in Nevada, along with the other ballot qualified candidates in that state. Castle polled at 1% there.

  3. Starchild

    Good luck to the Constitution Party in getting on as many state ballots as possible, hopefully enough to potentially win 270 electoral votes.

    Alternative parties should be in solidarity in opposition to the outrageous, unfair, and undemocratic obstacles to political participation by alternative parties and independent candidates in elections and candidate debates.

    A 2016 presidential debate will not be fair and open unless it includes, along with the two cartel candidates, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, and Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle.

    I call on media outlets to exercise responsible journalism in support of a healthy democratic republic and real voter choice by demanding that the cartel-controlled Commission on Presidential Debates drop their exclusionary policies which have in the past shut out all candidates of nationally-organized political parties other than those nominated by the two-party ruling cartel.

    Love & Liberty,
    ((( starchild )))
    At-Large Representative, Libertarian National Committee

  4. johno

    Nevada does make sense i guess. Castle has some libertarian positions that are not statist like Johnson/Weld have come out for in the past for. Thank you.

  5. José C

    Starchild, Here, here. I agree! The money used to get on the ballot can be used by the presidential candidate on television ads spreading his or her message, brochures, signs, get out the vote drives, etc. And what ever happened to the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights. The ballot access laws as curretly in place are anti-freedom.

  6. Luchorpan


    the Founders didn’t even want political parties. Today, we have actual loyalty… to political parties!

    Castle would do well in a debate. I’d love to see Castle, Stein, Trump, Clinton. And yea, obviously Johnson would be included in such a debate. We’d see real issues discussed with that group included. Instead I fear our presidential debates will be: *Emails* vs. *Trump U*. No substance…

  7. Ariosto

    Anyone have any idea why the Constitution Party petition in Ohio failed? I’ve never gathered petitions myself so I don’t know how easy it is for a signature to be declared invalid, but I’m at a loss when it comes to seeing how in the case of their petition out of more than (8,000) only (~3,000) were deemed admissible. Is it really that easy to get it wrong?

  8. Cody Quirk

    This map is not accurate; the Oregon CP is not an affiliate of the national one, and they usually run the candidate of the National IAP- their national affiliate, and are likely to do the same this year. The Idaho CP also picked another presidential ticket, so Castle is trying to get on as a independent. Castle also got denied write-in status in North Carolina.

    Oh, and of course, Ohio.

  9. Joe M.

    Aristo, I have collected signatures and they can be “disqualified” for even the most minor discrepancies. If my name is John K Smith, but I sign my petition…John Smith…they deem it not the same person and throw it out…its all a bunch of horse crap.
    Cody, who is the National IAP candidate?

  10. Nvg

    Is it possible in Ohio to try to get Mr.Castle on as a write in candidate at this stage? What happened with the signatures, over half were rejected>

  11. José C

    I wonder who is going to get more votes. Castle or Anderson? And as to California the Constitution Party should have as I suggested many years ago conducted a ballot drive to get on the ballot as the Constitution Party. The AIP is long gone and meaningless. That is just the way it is.

  12. Andy

    Qualifying a new political party for the ballot in California is extremely difficult. The Constitution Party has never had the kind of money it would take to pull it off.

  13. Trent Hill

    CP made the ballot in Minnesota.

    Egg McMuffin made the ballot as the Independence nominee (although it seems to me they only nominated him to hurt Trump).

  14. Antirevolutionary

    The CP cannot get write-in status in Ohio unless it has already done so; deadline was this week.

    Hopefully CP voters in Ohio will support the American Solidarity Party, which did get write-in status in Ohio.

  15. Nvg

    From a post from the Castle2016 Facebook page on the 24th:

    We are trying to get on as registered write-in but it is not certain that we will be allowed to do that. We will have our paperwork in on Friday for a Monday deadline so we may be ok. Don’t give up just yet!!!

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