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Reform Party releases newsletter about its recent convention

The following newsletter from the Reform Party chronicling what happened at the party’s national convention in late July was posted on Facebook on August 12th, 2016:

Reform Party National Convention 2016 News!

The Reform Party nominations process this cycle was a whirlwind adventure, but it didn’t start out that way! There two things that will drive turnout for a convention, excitement or frustration.

As recently as four weeks before the convention this year, we didn’t have much in the way of excitement nor frustration, with only two nominees contending for the Reform Party nod and obvious support for who the next National Chairman and Treasurer would be. As potential delegates responded, it was clear we were going to have a small turnout and a non-controversial result. The nominees for President were 2012 Reform Party Vice-Presidential candidate Ken Cross and Dr. Lynn Kahn. Mr. Cross has been an Arkansas Reform Party member since 2012 and has solid stances lining up with ours. He was well respected for his issues positions, professionalism, and all around being a class act. Dr. Kahn was relatively unknown to us, and had an impressive resume of service in federal bureaus and was attempting to cobble together a patchwork of ballot lines across the country, including ours.

Then things changed. The first was the entry of Mr. Darcy Richardson into the nominations fight three weeks before the convention. Those who know of Mr. Richardson know he is a long-time Reform Party supporter, and has an impressive resume regarding media and political savvy. His announcement made quite a splash, and his campaign website matched up with ours on issues and tone.

The second was the entry of Mr. Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente a mere two weeks before the convention. Mr. De La Fuente likewise made a dramatic entrance into the race, contacting state chairs and claiming he would be on the ballot in over 40 states, and wanted to support the Reform Party and be our nominee as well.

Suddenly, instead of a pretty straightforward choice of nominee, they were faced with an actual nomination floor fight worthy of a larger turnout. And unfortunately, at that late stage of delegate registration, flight and travel arrangements, and planning around work and family, there was no way to increase that turnout above those already planning to attend. The dozen or so confirmed delegates from a half-dozen state parties would face a heavy burden.

So what was the result? Read on!

Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente Nominated as Reform Party Candidate for President!


The Reform Party has chosen Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente as its presidential candidate. Between Rocky’s campaign and party efforts, Roque De La Fuente and the Reform Party have successfully put together approximately twenty five ballot lines, but hope to establish ballot access in up to forty-two states. With this effort, the Reform Party has regained traction as one of the major national non-incumbent parties in the United States, representing Americans of all backgrounds who seek a voice to speak for “The People, not “Politics as Usual”.

Roque is a first generation American born at Mercy Hospital in San Diego, California. He was educated in both Mexico and the United States. He obtained Bachelor Degrees in both Physics and Mathematics, graduating Magna Cum Laude. He furthered his education by taking accounting and business classes at Anahuac University near Mexico City as well as at the University of San Diego.

Following in his father’s footsteps, he became a successful entrepreneur by acquiring twenty eight car dealerships in the United States and Mexico. He has experience in banking, and also owns commercial properties located in both the United States and Latin America.

Roque decided to run for President when he saw Donald Trump alienate large segments of the population. Formerly running as a Democrat for President, Roque joined the Reform Party because the Democratic Establishment stacked the nomination against him in favor of Hillary Clinton.

“Roque De La Fuente is a good addition to the Reform Party, and I have no problem backing his campaign,” said Reform Party Secretary Nicholas Hensley. “If we can obtain presidential ballot access in forty two states, the Reform Party will return to form, and once again stand proud in opposition to the political establishment”.

As the leading moderate, centrist and populist political party, the Reform Party represents the sixty percent of voters ignored by the Democratic and Republican incumbent parties. It stands against the special interests, and seeks to end their grasp on American government by electing principled leaders and promoting real change for the better of all Americans.

For more information about the Reform Party or Roque De La Fuente,

National Committee Officer Elections!
Congratulations Chairman-Elect Bill Merrell!


We are pleased to announce, by unanimous vote of the National Committee representatives, the election of Dr. Bill Merrell as the incoming National Committee Chairman, to take office January 1, 2017 and serving a 4 year term.

Dr. Merrell is an administrator, educator, and real-estate investor who built his successful businesses from the ground up, including the Merrell Institute Appraisal Education Network School. He is currently or has previously served in multiple positions in the Reform Party including National Committee Vice-Chairman, National Committee Treasurer, Reform Party Executive Director, Reform Party of New York State Chairman, Suffolk County Reform Party Chairman, 2012 Convention Committee Chairman, and was the first Credentials Committee Chair for the Independence Party in 1996.

Under Dr. Merrell’s watch, the Reform Party of New York was created from scratch and became the first Reform Party to gain a new ballot line in over a decade. His accomplishments in building the Reform Party of New York into a political force in New York are proof of his political savvy and tenaciousness, which will serve the National Committee well.

Congratulations Treasurer-Elect Leigh Pollet!


We are equally pleased to announce, by unanimous vote of the National Committee representatives, the re-election of Mr. Leigh Pollet as the National Committee Treasurer, with a continuing 2017-2020 term.

Mr. Pollet owns a real estate appraisal company under his own name, is the managing partner of American Appraisal LLC, and has held senior positions in the real estate appraising, banking, and mortgage industry. He has been a member of the Reform Party of New York since 2012 and has served as Nassau County Chairman since July 2012. He has also served as a committee research associate for the US Senate and Assistant to the Director of the Speaker of NYS Assembly’s regional office, and was the youngest elected county leader for a major political party at one point.

Mr. Pollet also has coached over 30 Olympian / National Team members including a former world-record holder, multiple “All-Americans”, and national/state champions, and has been coach of the Uniondale HS Girls Track Team for the past 29 years.

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  1. Brad Brad August 16, 2016

    So, the plurality wins the nomination (5/11 = 45%)

    Did Ken Cross vote for himself? I saw parts of his ‘debate’ with Barnett from 2012 & he didn’t come across as the public speaker type. But, I don’t know.

  2. Krzysztof Lesiak Krzysztof Lesiak Post author | August 15, 2016

    Rev. James Clifton:

    Mr. Richardson posted them in an earlier thread, and I believe they were:

    Rocky De La Fuente 5 votes
    Darcy Richardson 4 votes
    Lynn Kahn 1 vote
    Ken Cross 1 vote

  3. Rev. James Clifton Rev. James Clifton August 15, 2016

    Would be nice to know the vote totals for each candidate for the nomination.

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