Washington LP has statewide candidate and 10 legislative candidates advance to the general election


From LP.org, August 18th, 2016:

The Washington Libertarian Party had a candidate for statewide office and 10 legislative candidates advance from the top-two primary on August 2, who will be on the general election ballot in November.

Attorney General candidate Steve Trumbull has officially picked up almost 342,000 votes, for 27.4 percent of the vote. He finished second of two candidates in the race. He has received the most votes by a Libertarian in the history of Washington Libertarians in a primary or general election.

In addition, ten of the 21 candidates running for the state legislature will appear on the November ballot:

• James Apker State Senate 3rd district
• Dennis Price State Senate 11th district
• Randy McGlenn State Representative 3rd district position 1
• Michael Foster State Representative 7th district position 2
• Michael Scott State Representative 10th district position 1
• Alexander Hels State Representative 21st district position 1
• John Frostad State Representative 31st district position 1
• Stephanie Viskovich State Representative 46th district position 1
• Michelle Darnell State Representative 48th district position 1
• Benjamin Phelps State Representative 48th district position 2

ATPR: The Libertarian Party of Washington website can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Washington LP has statewide candidate and 10 legislative candidates advance to the general election

  1. Richard Winger

    The Washington state Libertarian Party does a great job of recruiting lots of candidates. That is especially impressive given the rather high filing fee. But all of the Libertarians who advanced to the general election in the top-two August 2016 primary were running in races with only two candidates on the primary ballot. So it isn’t very surprising that they all came in 2nd; it would have been impossible for them not to place 2nd (or first, although that didn’t happen) barring a strong write-in candidate.

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