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Richmond Times-Dispatch endorses Gary Johnson

Photo: Gary Johnson Facebook page

The Richmond Times-Dispatch, a daily newspaper published in the capital of Virginia since 1850 which boasts a Sunday circulation of over 120,000, became the first major daily newspaper to endorse Gary Johnson this election cycle on September 3rd, 2016:

In this autumn of our electoral discontent, hope springs, as it so often does in the American republic, from unexpected precincts. Much of the country is distressed by the presidential candidates offered by the two conventional political parties. And for good reason. Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton meets the fundamental moral and professional standards we have every right to expect of an American president. Fortunately, there is a reasonable — and formidable — alternative.

Read the rest of the endorsement here. 

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  1. José C José C September 6, 2016

    This is good! Ed Clark in 1980 received the endorsements of three newspapers. Hopefully Gary Johnson will receive other media endorsements.

  2. Brian Brian September 5, 2016

    “In this autumn of our electoral discontent, hope springs, as it so often does in the American republic, from unexpected precincts.”

    Alas political writing in this country is not dead. Beautiful language, beautiful sentiment. Forward, in liberty, together.

  3. Bondurant Bondurant September 5, 2016

    I don’t think this will be the last endorsement Johnson snags. Hillary and Trump are turning off everyone except for the most stalwart of Democrats and Republicans. On election, day it will be interesting to see how many people put their money where their mouths are and finally vote against the “vibrant two party system” and how many put their tail between their legs and vote for business as usual.

  4. Robert capozzi Robert capozzi September 5, 2016

    Should be a no-Brainer. Good stuff.

  5. George Whitfield George Whitfield September 5, 2016

    Excellent endorsement early on when it helps more. I recall with fond nostalgia delivering the Richmond Times Dispatch Sunday edition to my customers as a teenager in Staunton, Virginia. Thank you, Richmond Times Dispatch Editorial Board for this timely and well-written essay.

  6. Dave Dave September 4, 2016

    Interesting. A quick search indicates this is the third largest newspaper in the state. Hopefully it swings a few votes.

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