Augustus Sol Invictus Launches Website

Originally published at The Saturnalian

Invictus War Room

Former Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Augustus Sol Invictus, chairman of the Orange County, Florida Libertarian Party, launched a new website today at 12:23 am EDT, the precise moment at which the Moon became full over Invictus’ hometown of Orlando.

Invictus announced the new site, titled Invictus War Room, via press release on Facebook. The purpose of the site, according to the release, is “to further an agenda that calls for the abolishment of the federal government using revolutionary tactics.”  It is a natural continuation of Invictus’ Senate campaign, which ended in August.

The War Room is divided into an “open arena” for public consumption and a special “members only” area, which can be accessed for a fee of $9.99 per month.  Payment of the fee will also enable the reader to access a pdf of Invictus’ new book The Great War, which complies past Invictus writings and speeches.

Invictus invites readers to refer to him as “Caesar” on the site.

Today’s launch coincides with the release of a new Fireside Chat, which is embedded below:

14 thoughts on “Augustus Sol Invictus Launches Website

  1. Massimo

    Why exactly should we know what’s up with this bizarre asshole, again? I would much prefer to be updated about Vermin…
    “Call me Caesar”, give me a break…

  2. Thomas Knapp

    “I would much prefer to be updated about Vermin”

    Why can’t it be both?

    Personally, I want to keep track of Augustus at least a little, in case he’s planning another attack on the Libertarian Party.

  3. Thomas Knapp


    Yes, it is certainly worth of mention that Augustus and his entryist hostile takeover crew did establish a beachhead for their invasion force in Orange County. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Bondurant

    $9.99 website subscription

    $16.00 book

    The pressing issue is how much for a pint of goats blood?

  5. Rev. James Clifton

    Wish the LP would find a way to completely disavow him and evict him from the Party. He sounds like some old Southern red-necked politician from the 40’s and 50’s. It’s people like him that keeps the LP from really garnering significant national support.

  6. Thomas Knapp

    Rev. Clifton,

    I disagree with Invictus on a great deal, think he is bad for the Libertarian Party, and would like to see him exit the party fast enough that the door doesn’t hit him in the ass.

    That said, no, it is not people like him who keep the LP from garnering significant national support. People like him MIGHT keep the LP from garnering significant national support if we were in a position to do so, but we are not in such a position and never have been in such a position, for reasons not especially related to the occasional intrusion of a weirdo opportunist with a hostile takeover scheme.

  7. Matt

    “Wish the LP would find a way to completely disavow him and evict him from the Party.”

    They came close under the prior chairman Adrian Wyllie, but unfortunately the state committee failed to do so and Wyllie resigned instead. Hopefully they will get better leadership on their state committee.

    “It’s people like him that keeps the LP from really garnering significant national support.”


  8. John

    RE: Richard Winger

    The Orange County affiliate was practically dead, and Augustus was elected by 3 people in an unannounced election. The unavailable bylaws magically appeared in the soon-to-be-failed candidate’s hands, and conveniently disqualified everyone besides Augustus and two fascist allies from voting.

    The county party was not registered with the county, did not have the requisite number of officers, did not have its constitution or bylaws available (or available to the state party), and should not have been recognized as a legitimate affiliate.

  9. Thomas Knapp


    Glad to hear this. I had assumed that Augustus’s election as a county chair was accomplished through some kind of illicit fuckery, but hadn’t heard any details before now.

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