HBO’s Oliver: “Choose the Least of Four Evils”

After brief mentions of Jim Hedges of the Prohibition Party, Dan Vacek of the Legal Marijuana Now Party, and write-in Independent candidate Joe Exotic, HBO’s John Oliver offers a cutting explication of the positions articulated (and in Dr. Stein’s case, sung) by the Libertarian and Green Party candidates.  This includes memorable analysis such as:

“Come on Gary! You’re running for President, not officiating Peek A Chu’s beach wedding.” and “Jill Stein, the candidate who looks most like she believes carob is just as good as chocolate.”

and this quote from Governor Johnson:

“I did not conquer Mount Everest; she lifted her skirt, and I got in there, and got a peek, and it was really cool.”

Oliver concludes:

“There is no perfect candidate in this race. When people say,

“You don’t have to choose the lesser of two evils,”

they are right. Because you have to choose the lesser (sic) of four. . . . Whether they are:

“A lying, pansy, narcissistic sociopath.

“A hawkish, Wall-Street friendly embodiment of everything that some people can’t stand about politics.

“An ill-tempered, mountain molester with a radical dangerous tax plan that even he can’t defend.

“A conspiracy pandering political neophyte with no clear understanding of how government operates and who once recorded this folk rap about the virtues of bicycle riding.

“Before you say, well hold on John, there is one perfect candidate that you haven’t mentioned yet (Joe Exotic), I will remind you that he is broke as shit and he will not wear a suit.”



6 thoughts on “HBO’s Oliver: “Choose the Least of Four Evils”

  1. JamesT

    He’s an establishment shill pretending to be an outsider, just live Stewart and the rest. Daily show and it’s affiliates are a hoax.

  2. T Rex

    John Oliver’s show is painfully preachy and unfunny. It is conventional, predictable, mainstream, boring, and carefully spoon-feeds its sheeple audience exactly what they are allowed to think.

    At least Bill Maher will sometimes challenge the knee-jerk liberalism of his audience and occasionally has an original (or un-“mainstream”) thought. Oliver has never had an original thought in his entire life. Even if you completely set aside politics, he is simply not funny and resorts to saying random stuff for laughs.

  3. Steve Scheetz

    My initial reaction was to ask: Who is john Oliver, and why should anyone care what he thinks about anything? and then I watched the video. Johnson really does a terrible job describing the Libertarian Solution in the videos. John Oliver trashed everyone in that video equally, and pretty much, all of what he said was fair and valid.

    So let’s not trash the bearer of bad news, instead, let’s try to come up with a better way to describe our solutions, and in the future, select a candidate who is better able to articulate our positions.
    Gary is our candidate, and in the piece I wrote Monday morning before the business meeting began again in Orlando I stated, that while many of us there were NOT happy with his victory, we all understand the why people wanted him. We all understood (whether some of us chose to admit it publicly is not being discussed). Everyone realized that he was the one with the ability to get out there and be seen by large numbers of people. I am not certain that I agree with the idea that all press is good press, but in the aftermath of November, people will only remember that there were third options, they will not remember the details, only we will, and at that point, we can either choose to stop doing anything, OR, we can look toward 2018, 2020 and beyond… Maybe we will be able to to recruit a higher level of candidate, but regardless of anything else, we all have to work to make our party succeed, and that means increasing membership, and standing together as Libertarians. Yes, we recognize that there are different factions and yes, we all have different ways to address each issue, but in some things, like the core principles, we should all be able to come together and say”

    THIS is where we stand, THIS is who WE are!


    Steve Scheetz

  4. Just Some Random Guy

    For whatever it’s worth, I think Gary got the least negative description.

    I’m disappointed that doesn’t seem to be an actual website.

  5. Election Addict

    That tongue thing makes me pause to catch my breath every time.

    But it is Gary Johnson that is funny, not imbecilic Oliver. He felt out of place in Community, too. Just exudes self-righteousness.

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