FIELD REPORT – Johnson’s Latest Billboards: Choice, Ethics, Experience, Honesty, Peace, and Principles

This is a field report on the Gary Johnson billboard campaign in Utah.


Late last night (5 November 2016) I parked by one of the electronic billboards just south of Salt Lake City Utah (the west side of I-15, just north of exit 284; near Thanksgiving Point) and photographed the following billboard images.  They appeared for about 7 seconds each, and were in rotation with 7 other non-political ads.

IPR covered earlier Johnson Billboard Campaigns on 21 August HERE and 7 October HERE.







Although the graphics for the billboard images above do not appear to be downloadable (and neither are the images from the second campaign which featured both Johnson and Weld) billboard images from the first campaign as well as other Johnson/Weld campaign materials (radio advertising, yard signs, etc) can be found on the campaign website’s downloads page HERE.

2 thoughts on “FIELD REPORT – Johnson’s Latest Billboards: Choice, Ethics, Experience, Honesty, Peace, and Principles

  1. Be Rational

    A huge waste of campaign resources on useless form of advertising for a POTUS race. Billboards are nearly last on the list of effective campaign advertising for POTUS. After you saturate on major network broadcast TV in the targeted states, after you follow that up on major radio, after yard signs and bumperstickers, after your GOTV effort, after doorbelling as many housholds as you can reach with your manpower and budget, and after playing around with internet ads, then you can move on to billboards if you have time, money and energy left.

    Gary Johnson’s campaign manager totally wasted donated funds and had no clue what to do beyond paying himself, failed to manage and assist the candidate and has been a complete disaster for Gary, the LP and the American people who really needed an honest, sincere, reasonable third choice this year. We had a great pair of candidates, we had enough seed money to advertise from the outset and get the ball rolling. A properly run campaign would have reached the 15% and been included in the debates, managed the candidate and avoided the gaffs, controlled the message, and developed two targeted regions for a beachhead for LP state victories, winning electoral votes and creating the momentum and excitement needed for a chance to take Gary all the way. Totally clueless about advertising and campaign management, Nielson blew it all.

  2. George Phillies

    Hopefully the voter already knows what he is running for.

    The other candidates could have run under more or less the same slogans, “peace” being the only stretch for some of them.

    Not only is there no “Libertarian” on the sign, beyond “peace” there is no “libertarian” in the message.

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