Live Blogging the Arizona Libertarian Party Convention

Attending the AZLP as Region 1 Representative.

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About Caryn Ann Harlos

Caryn Ann Harlos is a paralegal residing in Castle Rock, Colorado and presently serving as the Region 1 Representative on the Libertarian National Committee and is a candidate for LNC Secretary at the 2018 Libertarian Party Convention. Articles posted should NOT be considered the opinions of the LNC nor always those of Caryn Ann Harlos personally. Caryn Ann's goal is to provide information on items of interest and (sometimes) controversy about the Libertarian Party and minor parties in general not to necessarily endorse the contents.

18 thoughts on “Live Blogging the Arizona Libertarian Party Convention

  1. Caryn Ann Harlos Post author

    Call to order. Chair Kielsky opening and thanking those who travelled.

    Credentials delayed – state committeemen and state chairs are entitled to vote- 12.

    Proposed agenda distributed.

    Guests welcome to ask questions.

  2. Caryn Ann Harlos Post author

    Agenda approved. Nice packet with business items and notepad distributed.

    Credentailling done.

    9- Maricopa
    3 – Pima
    2- Yuma
    2- Mohave (potential)
    1-Pinal (potential)

    Issues with Mohave and Pina as they didn’t have Precint Committeeman elections- but sent representatives. They are trying to organize.

    Motion to seat.

    (Needed to step ou)

  3. Caryn Ann Harlos Post author

    17 voting members after motions.

    Treasurer report- took in more gah they spent. Largest expenses on write-in candidate mailers.

    $43,000 in accounts (Federal and non-Federal)

    Chair report- AZ suit update.

  4. Caryn Ann Harlos

    Chair elections. Kielsky is only nomination. Elected (1 vote for NOTA)

    Campaign promise: I will try not to suck.

    Secretary: Matthew Rubo. Elected (1 for NOTA)

    Treasurer: Robert Allen Pepiton. Elected (3 for NOTA)

    First Vice Chair: Jonathan Winder and Judge John Buttrick were nominated. Buttrick won 9-7-1.

    Second Vice Chair: Jim Iannuzo and Jonathan Winder were nominated. Winder won 13-4.

  5. Caryn Ann Harlos

    Assistant Secretary: Mike Shipley and Emily Goldberg were nonimated. Shipley won 9-8.

    Assistant Treasurer: Layla Aussie and Kevin McCormick were nominated. Aussie won 11-4-1.

  6. Caryn Ann Harlos

    Discussing county development and assistance state part can give.

    Litigation update- nominating petitions. This has been discussed extensively on IPR In past articles.

  7. Caryn Ann Harlos

    Back… presentation from Regional Representative (myself).

    Discussion of paid executive director position potential.

    Accountability and consistency.

    Chair discussing perhaps a small part time gig perhaps 1K a month.

    Credentialed delegates is now 21.

    Committe to be formed to explore.

  8. Caryn Ann Harlos

    Shipley volunteered to chair next Platform Committee.

    Discussion of other Ad Hoc committees.

  9. Caryn Ann Harlos

    Controversy over Weeks invited last night raised. Chair Kielsky defended the decision and respectfuuly disagreed.

  10. Bondurant

    @ paulie

    I was unable to attend because of work but I’ve heard from the organizers and attendees that it was successful great time despite rain & wind driving the rooftop party indoors.

  11. paulie

    Upcoming conventions via statechairs list. AZ and NV were on the same day, the rest are coming up.

    *?2017 LP State Conventions*

    *Alabama*: February 25, 2017
    Meadow Creek Farm
    9306 Pulaski Pike

    *Arizona: *January 21

    *California*: April 28-30
    Santa Clara Marriott
    2700 Mission College Blvd
    Santa Clara

    *Colorado*: March 24-26

    *Delaware*: March 25
    Kent County Theater Guild
    140 Roosevelt Ave

    *Illinois*: April 7-8
    Hilton Garden Inn, Tinley Park, IL
    Convention Facebook page

    *Iowa*: March 24-25

    the weekend of April 21 – 23 held in Kansas City.

    *Michigan*: February 4
    Lansing (venue TBD)
    This is a Special Convention for the sole purpose of adopting bylaws
    pertaining to LPMI’s acquiring “major party” status.
    State convention to be scheduled for late spring.

    *Mississippi*: April (days TBD)

    *Nevada*: January 21
    Opportunity Village: Oakey Campus
    Las Vegas
    Convention website

    *New Hampshire: *March 18
    172 N. Main St.
    Convention page

    *New Jersey: *March 11
    Rutgers University
    New Brunswick

    *New Mexico*: April 8

    *New York*: April 29

    *North Carolina*: Aug. 11-13
    Lake Lure Spa & Resort (where movie *Dirty Dancing* was filmed)
    Lake Lure

    *Ohio*: May 5-7

    March 31, April 1st Liberty Event by Steve Sheetz & Gregory Faust
    April 2nd – Business board meeting, elections, etc 12pm –
    More information to be released after 1/28/17 board meeting
    Where – Hilton Hotel – Downtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

    *West Virginia*
    May 6, 2017
    Clarksburg/Bridgeport, WV
    Time and venue to be announced.

  12. liberty

    There was a time when Americans believed in freedom.

    The US is dying from a million cuts. Part of the reason the USA is a nanny police state now is that whenever there is a problem, the kneejerk reaction in the US is to call for a new law.

    Nanny state laws are not the best solution, however. Nanny state laws lead to more laws, higher fines, and tougher sentences. Thirty years ago, DWI laws were enacted that led to DWI checkpoints and lower DWI levels. Seatbelt laws led to backseat seatbelt laws, childseat laws, and pet seatbelt laws. Car liability insurance laws led to health insurance laws and gun liability laws. Smoking laws that banned smoking in buildings led to laws against smoking in parks and then bans against smoking in entire cities. Sex offender registration laws led to sex offender restriction laws and violent offender registration laws.

    Nanny state laws don’t make us safer, either. Nanny state laws lead people to be careless since they don’t need to have personal responsibility anymore. People don’t need to be careful crossing the street now because drunk-driving has been outlawed and driving while using a cellphone is illegal. People don’t investigate companies or carry out due diligence because businesses must have business licenses now.

    The main point of nanny state laws is not safety. The main purposes of more laws are control and revenue generation for the state.

    Another reason laws are enacted is because corporations give donations to lawmakers to stifle competition or increase sales.

    Many laws are contradictory, too. Some laws say watering lawns is required, while other laws say watering lawns is illegal.

    Many nanny state laws that aim to solve a problem can be fixed by using existing laws. If assault is already illegal, why do we need a new law that outlaws hitting umpires?

    Nanny state laws are not even necessary. If everything was legal would you steal, murder, and use crack cocaine? Aren’t there other ways to solve problems besides calling the police? Couldn’t people educate or talk to people who bother them? Couldn’t people be sued for annoying behavior? Couldn’t people just move away? Even if assault was legal, wouldn’t attackers risk being killed or injured, too? Do people have consciences? Having no laws doesn’t mean actions have no consequences.

    If there is no victim, there is no crime.

    We don’t need thousands of laws when we only need 10.

    Freedom is not just a one way street. You can only have freedom for yourself if you allow others to have it.

    Should swimming pools be banned because they are dangerous? Hammers? Bottles? Rocks? Energy drinks? Pillows?

    Where does it end?

    Control freaks might get angry when a neighbor owns three indoor cats, but what did the neighbor take from them? Why should this be illegal? Is outlawing cats something a free country should do? Doesn’t banning everything sound like the opposite of freedom?

    Instead of getting mad at people who like freedom, why don’t people realize that freedom is a two way street?

    If you allow others to paint their house purple then you can, too.

    If you allow others to own a gun then you can, too.

    If you allow others to swear then you can, too.

    If you allow others to gamble then you can, too.

    Who wants to live in a prison?

    Think. Question everything.

  13. Mark

    “There was a time when Americans believed in freedom.”

    Was that in the good old days of slavery, lynchings and jim crow, when LGBT people had to be in the closet, women didn’t have equal rights and could be legally raped by their husbands (among other things), American Indians were exterminated and forced unto reservations, etc, etc?

    Please let go of the myth of a glorious past; it doesn’t ring true to a lot of people.

    Aside from that, you are largely correct, although you haven’t suggested how to become more free. Also, I don’t see the specific relation to this particular article, other than that it’s about the LP. People reading this here are probably either libertarians already or other third party supporters keeping tabs on what the LP is up to, so your general message without specific strategies is not best aimed at this particular audience.

    So my suggestions would be:

    1. Let go of the myth of a glorious golden past. We’ve always had problems.
    2. Suggest specific step by step solutions
    3. Know your audience and tailor your appeal accordingly.

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