Chuck Baldwin: The Left-Right Paradigm Is Back

Before the campaign and election of Donald Trump, the left-right paradigm was on life support. People were as sick of Republicans such as Jeb Bush as they were of Democrats such as Hillary Clinton. But the election of Donald Trump has resurrected the left-right paradigm BIG TIME.

Ever since Trump won the Republican nomination–and even more so since he won the general election–it seems we are right back to the old Republican vs. Democrat, left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative mentality that got us into this mess in the first place. It is to the point that major “patriot” radio talk show hosts are sounding more and more like Republican hacks such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. And so-called patriot websites seem to have lost their constitutional objectivity as well when it comes to Trump.

As a national radio talk show host and columnist, I went through this with G.W. Bush. And as Yogi Berra used to say, “It’s deja vu all over again.” So, where exactly does that leave honest, objective truth-tellers? We catch it from all directions.

Just a few days ago, an ultra left-wing propaganda website did a hatchet job on yours truly and the good folks at Liberty Fellowship. A reporter (or should I say saboteur) snuck into one of our services and wrote up a hit piece that Joseph Goebbels (and the SPLC) would be proud of. At the same time, so-called conservative, patriot websites and columnists are attacking me with equal ferocity. What should that tell you? It should tell you that neither side is interested in truth; both sides only want to report that which furthers their own political agenda.

Truth is dead; objectivity is dead; honest journalism is dead. Truly, “fake news” is found on both ends of the political spectrum.

The fact is, Donald Trump has made and is making many decisions that should deeply concern constitutionalists, conservatives, and patriots. For all intents and purposes, the “law and order” agenda he is publicly promoting eviscerates the Fourth Amendment along with several others.

10 thoughts on “Chuck Baldwin: The Left-Right Paradigm Is Back

  1. Andy Post author

    This is my first post here as a writer. The link to the article does not appear to have posted, nor did the picture post at the beginning of the article like I had intended. Can somebody here fix this? If not, I will have to come back later to try to fix it.

    The article is really good. Chuck Baldwin hits the nail on the head, as usual.

  2. paulie

    I moved the link to the top of the article. Did not see what image you were trying to post so I added one from the media library. There is a row of buttons at the top of the HTML editor that says image if you want to add images. You need to fill in both the img src and the link readout boxes on that. Also, please do not use all caps in article titles. Also fixed here.

  3. Andy

    How come the link at the end of the article, where people can read the rest of the article which is not posted on IPR, is not clickable? Then link at the beginning of the article is clickable, but aren’t the links at the end of the article supposed to be clickable as well?

    This is a good article, which is well worth reading in its entirety.

  4. paulie

    How come the link at the end of the article, where people can read the rest of the article which is not posted on IPR, is not clickable? Then link at the beginning of the article is clickable, but aren’t the links at the end of the article supposed to be clickable as well?

    This is a good article, which is well worth reading in its entirety.

    I didn’t see any second link at the end when I fixed it for you. I just transferred the one at the end to the beginning. You can copy and paste that section to the end, but leave it at the beginning too.

  5. DJ

    I’m not so sure I agree with the article.
    The left/right paradigm was never on life support. It’s been dead (inside the beltway) for decades/generations. Citizens will ALWAYS be divided policy wise. Major party players will ALWAYS use it for the sole purpose of power retention on BOTH sides to ensure and insure the “agenda” is not diverted.

    That agenda is not and hasn’t been about enhancing OUR liberty or freedoms. It’s about global domination, through force if necessary, (manifest destiny, moral high ground and “patriotic BS slogans) citizens desires be damned. All “We the people” get is lip service and pandering (vote buying from BOTH major party’s) to a left or right paradigm that is alive and well and will never go away.

    Chuck Baldwin may have been attacked. That isn’t unusual for haters on either side, it’s what they live for.
    Always attack the messenger. Rush has been a Republican supporter since he started. Sean Hannity is a wanna be ignoramus that panders to “conservatives” which typically are Republicans. Their relevance is supported by non-thinkers, though Rush is a thinker. That he is a thinker and extremely intelligent shows me he’s a hack for the Republican party. Anyone with half a brain can look at the last several decades and see there isn’t a dimes worth of difference between the two major party’s policy, domestic or foreign or monetary.
    “Conservative” policy has NOT enhanced our liberty and neither has Republican policy. Democrats (whom I can’t stand worse than I can’t stand Republicans) are at least not hiding their objectives. Rhetoric doesn’t count.

    So yes the left/right paradigm still exists, among citizens, but not politicians. I think it imperative that non-major party representatives/supporters, especially nationally known, publicly confront policy (the message) and stop whining about the messenger(s), regardless of their label.

  6. DomariNolo

    This hit-piece by Chuck Baldwin is a joke; it’s filled with 10% fact but then cherry-picked information, half-truths and even outright lies.

    Chuck used to have more integrity than this; at least I thought so. But a year ago he chose to engage in in-fighting with his church in Kalispell and now he is doing it again by calling out Alex Jones in this article (it’s indirect, but obvious that’s who he’s referring to). Shameful. But it appears this is a main way for Chuck to try to get attention anymore. It’s apparent he’s full of petty jealousy.

    Chuck, just because Alex or anybody disagrees with you does not make them a “patriot” as you so condescendingly refer to them. Chuck did the same thing to the 80% of people who left Liberty Fellowship in 2016. He paints with a broad brush and Chuck is the one guilty of in-fighting. But in his eyes he’s above reproach. As always.

    And what’s hilarious is after a whole article of slamming the President he actually claims at the end “oh, I’m not anti-Trump….”. LOL. Yeah, ok, Chuck. NIce try. But we’re smarter than that.

  7. Luchorpan


    Baldwin isn’t anti-Trump. Alex Jones has a spotty reputation.

    Ron Paul just wrote a good article critical of Trump also.

    Constructive criticism is a good thing. John McCain and Evan McMullin shouldn’t be the only critics Trump hears. Otherwise, Trump might be tempted to become more Neocon.

    Trump isn’t breaking campaign pledges by increasing military spending, but I’d hoped he’d cut. I continue to hope some foreign bases are removed.

  8. Luchorpan


    He meant left-right paradigm as in “conservatives must blindly serve team Republican”.

    Bush wasn’t conservative, yet many conservatives became Neocon after his election. And Bush could do things conservatives wouldn’t allow a Democrat to do.

    That’s partly why I preferred Obama over McCain: I feared McCain would have no one to stand up to him. Obama turned out worse than I expected, but I still think him better than McCain.

  9. DJ

    Then he needs to articulate that. But he didn’t and since he is supposedly at least semi-intelligent he should know that words mean things.
    Both sides of the aisle actions are neocon insofar as foreign and monetary policy is concerned. The only difference is the rhetoric used to sell it to constituents.
    The left/right paradigm, inside the beltway, ceased to exist decades ago, but is still used as a tool by both sides as any astute, if not just casual observer should note, especially, if and when they opine publicly hoping to come across as different or not a player in the game being played.

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