New Hampshire State Legislator Switches to Libertarian Party

Video credit: Libertarian Party of New Hampshire

14 thoughts on “New Hampshire State Legislator Switches to Libertarian Party

  1. Pete Blome

    Great stuff. A summation saying who he was and what state legislature position he is in would be helpful. Caleb Dyer, NH House. He is probably 20 years old. Great that Arvin Vohra was there. Did Darryl Perry have a role in this changeover? If so what? Even if he was just at the right place at the right time, that kind of knowledge needs to be passed on to other states so it can be copied..

  2. Jim

    He seems to have been a libertarian prior to the election and just used the Republican line to get elected. He was just on reddit defending privatized roads. That’s not something done by recent converts.

    He also says he there has been talk among other NH representatives about switching to the LP, but he won’t name names.

  3. Rodger Paxton

    Caleb is 20. And, he approached the LPNH about switching. It’s not unexpected, though. He’s a real small-l libertarian in a state with plenty of them who are elected as both Rs and Ds already.

  4. Andy

    I’m glad to read that this guy is for real, and not a phony backstabbing weasel like that John Moore guy in Nevada turned out to be.

  5. Andy

    “Tony From Long Island
    February 13, 2017 at 09:39
    I’m sure you all said that Moore was the real deal until he wasn’t.”

    I did not. Before the LNC and other LP donors started to funnel money to John Moore, I raised an alarm bell and urged caution. Why? Because I looked at his campaign website, and there was little on it that made him sound like a Libertarian. This was a red flag. I did not think that people knew enough about the guy, in that he had not been property vetted, especially given that he had no background as a libertarian activist. Unfortunately, I turned out to be right (yet again), and the Libertarian Party got burned once again.

  6. Starchild

    Just as cool as hearing that a New Hampshire state legislator has switched to the Libertarian Party is hearing that Caleb Dyer is hardcore libertarian, and only 21. It’s a cliché, but young people are the future and it’s great to have more young radicals on board, as it will only revitalize us.

    Caleb, if you’re reading this, you mentioned there may possibly be other legislators who are on the fence – I encourage you to read the comment I just posted on another thread regarding the most important reason for libertarians to align with the Libertarian Party rather than one of the two cartel parties.

    Welcome aboard!

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