VinePair Magazine Interviews Three Prohibition Party Leaders

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

VinePair is a publication that celebrates the beverage alcohol experience. It has an interview with three leaders of the Prohibition Party here.

From the article cited, written by Nick Hines:

To be fair, the Prohibition Party was far from a major contender. It only received a total of 5,525 votes. Yet that’s the best the party has donesince 1988. Even more surprising was the fact that Prohibition Party candidate, Jim Hedges, 78, beat out Gary Johnson as the top third- party candidate in Arkansas County, Arkansas.

But his Arkansas victory is not even the most surprising thing about Hedges, I realized talking to him on the phone. Not only was Hedges open to speaking with an alcohol publication; his ideas were astoundingly progressive. He’s against building the Dakota Access Pipeline and supports free college. He wants to find a way to bring Muslims into the party and sees his potential allies as progressives, not conservatives.

The party has a diverse set of ideas, though. I also spoke with Phil Collins, the leader of the party in Indiana, and Jon Make, a younger member, to get a broader perspective. Below, very lightly edited for clarity, is the story of the modern Prohibition Party as told by its own members.


Jim Hedges: I worked up to where I was editor of their newsletter. I’m 78 now. When I began running it, I was 76, and the fellows just thought it was my turn to be the leader for a while.

It’s an exercise in living history. Our influence today is negligible and we know it. There’s a handful of people who would like to keep the idea on the table as an option, so we’re pursuing the history of the party, working on the history of the party website, organizing our history reference book and running for office every four years. It’s because we want to keep our viewpoint in the public eye, not because we want to win anything.

Read the full article here.

2 thoughts on “VinePair Magazine Interviews Three Prohibition Party Leaders

  1. NewFederalist

    Interesting interviews. Surprised to read Jim Hedges say “didn’t want to win”. I would have expected “didn’t expect to win” but what the heck.

  2. paulie

    He was telling people in his official capacity introducing himself as a candidate that they were basically a group of historical re-enactors.

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