Statement on our Military from Libertarian Party of TN Executive Board

Posted by LPTN Chair Tom Arnold to State Chairs List:

The Libertarian Party of Tennessee advocates for the ending of aggressive wars not fought for the purposes of national defense; which includes all of the wars the United States government is currently waging right now.

Being the Volunteer State, we support those individuals fighting these wars. There are many reasons these individuals enlist and give up everything, including their lives. We understand that these individuals do not have control over their assignments or jobs in many cases. We know of many who sign up to serve in the cause for liberty, just as we do, but the federal government abuses their volunteered service.

The LPTN Executive Board proudly consists of 6 military veterans, 50% of our board. Some of these are combat veterans who understand the stress that serving in the military puts on a person, especially in the face of moral dilemma.

We feel the best way to support our military is to bring them home and end the way the federal government has desecrated the United States Constitution and honor those who died defending it.

8 thoughts on “Statement on our Military from Libertarian Party of TN Executive Board

  1. Carol Moore/

    “Just following orders” is not an excuse. For killing civilians over seas or in this country. Not to mention every other kind of recognized war crime.

    Address that LP TN.

    Meanwhile we have the “LP Veterans Caucus”.

    “Revolutionary conservative” and “alt-right” Ryan Ramsey admins the LP Veterans Caucus page.

    A member just posted this “meme” that is clearly a threat of gun violence vs Arvin Vohra, LP Vice Chair at the next convention. See here

    I think LP national better start confront this now. Will the LP Convention center allow OPEN CARRY? Have started to ask convention organizers.

    Hopefully LP TN will respond to all concerns that may be raised here.

  2. paulie Post author

    Well, what’s good for the goose should be good for the gander. Ryan Ramsey apparently believes some nonexistent terrorist group, of which he alleges I am a member, is physically threatening him just because some libertarian antifascists posted his public contact info and his public social media statements. He also falsely claimed that this nonexistent group physically threatened the LPF convention and hired armed off duty police officer(s) to guard against this supposed threat. In reality of course there was not even a protest, much less physical threats, as some of us expected.

    Is it a credible threat? Probably not; chances are the threat is metaphoric or just talk. But, you do have to take into account that you are dealing with people who at the very least are in fact armed, a non-trivial percentage of whom actually have killed human beings before and who, statistically, are more predisposed to have fits of violence, post-traumatic stress disorder and mental illness than most other people. That’s not in any way to say that all or most vets are actual or would be psycho murderers, of course. Far from it. But, the possibility that the threat could be credible should not just be summarily dismissed without any concern.

  3. Andy

    Most people join the military because they need a steady paycheck, and/or job training, and/or money for college.

    I don’t think that everyone in the military is a bad person. A lot of them are well meaning, but misguided. Years of brainwashing in the education system and the mainstream media, and the government damaging the economy, which means less opportunities for people in the private sector, are why a lot of people join the military.

    The situation would not be so bad if the government actually followed the Constitution, because then the military would be used for the purpose for which it was supposed to be intended, and that is DEFENSE, which means that there would not be US military bases all over the world, and the US military would not engage in acts of war without a formal declaration from Congress, and even in these cases,
    it should only be after the country has legitimately been attacked (as in not as a result of a false flag),
    but considering that the government does not really follow the Constitution very closely anymore, and has not done so in a long time, being in the military is not really defending the country or the Constitution.

    Going from a purist libertarian perspective, the military as it exists now should not even exist, because it is fund via coercive taxation. There could still be armed security forces and/or militias in an anarcho-capitalist society, but given that they’d have to rely on voluntary contributions for funding instead of getting funded via taxation, they’d be far less likely to engage in acts of aggression around the world.

    I don’t think that Arvin should be pressured into resigning or apologizing. If one is a libertarian activist, then you are probably going to say something that offends somebody, and if you don’t, then you probably are not much of an activist. I don’t think that he said anything really out of line. IF Arvin wants to he could put out a statement clarifying his position, but this should be his choice.

  4. Carol Moore/

    Exactly Paulie on why you can’t totally laugh off such a threat. Some of these guys I am sure theoretically could be subject to prosecution if sufficient evidence was every gathered, probably the ones closest to Ramsey. But making up false threats to intimidate people as Ramsey did at the LP Convention FL is really bad. I hope the LP Convention organizers know about it.

  5. Tony From Long Island

    Andy, there is actually much in your last post that I do agree with (other than the “brainwashing” nonsense).

    The first (run-on) sentence of the third paragraph started out strong until you said “false flag.”

    However, please don’t claim to be a “libertarian purist.” You are not. Libertarians are not xenophobic.

  6. steve m

    The paycheck power of the state is great. For the young, dealing with lack of skills and job opportunities this lure is very attractive. The power of the state on members of its military is also very threatening. You will obey your orders or be severely punished.

    The state traps the young into a military and then uses that military as it likes all to often badly.

    I feel that the moral position of ex-members of the military is to help warn the young away from the trap.

    I feel that the moral position of the Libertarian Party and its leaders is to also warn the young away from the trap.

    The challenge is to do so without denigrating those that were caught by the trap and fulfilled their obligations with honor and without committing war crimes. This would be the vast majority of those whom served.

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